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Autoaggression - Referat

Autoaggression is an action where a person hurts himself. This kind of action happens intentional, but not conscious. That means that the self hurting persons live in a kind of trance so they’ve got the compulsion to damage themselves.
Self-hurting-behaviour in different forms:

- to cut oneself with sharp things for example razor and knives
- burning (e.g. with an iron or a cigarette)
- to bite of oneselfs fingertips
- injuries by head beating

- to scratch skin with fingernails
- to crappy skin with chemicals
- to kick against walls
- fractures
- to bite the mucous membrane
- to drink and sleep less
- depressions
- Borderline trouble
- social phobia
- compulsions
- to squeeze skin
- to tear out hairs
Concerned parts of the body
- arms (74%)
- legs (44%)
- belly (25%)
- head (23%)
- breast (18%)
- etc. (8%)
- experiences of the past (74%)
- child abuse (46%), Violence (48%), neglection (53%)
- personality trouble
The persons concerned
-usually feminine (relation 9:1)
- Beginning starts often at puberty, occasionally at adolescents, rather than in childhood
- frequency: between 0,24 and 2,5 %, in Germany ca. 200 000 concerned persons.
- Death rate unclear, most of them are diagnosed as suicides

The wounds and scars, which arises by harming oneself, are mostly hidden under wide clothes. Most of the concerned people hide their Autoaggression.
This kind of Autoaggression shouldn’t be called as a cultural ritual.
The different types of the aggressive behaviour can be expressed by verbal art with scoldings, facial expressions and gestures.
Songs to the theme
· Linkin Park-One step closer
· Papa Roach-Last resort
· Böhse Onkelz-Narben
· Robbie Williams-Come Undone

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