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Australien animals - Referat

The danger is almost invisible, but mortality is very rarely. In the last 27 Years there gave just seven mortality in all Australia. The people love the leather and the good beef. One differs the sweet water crocodile and the salt water crocodile. The crocodiles put the eggs in the month August and September and in the month November and December slip the boys.

Sweet water crocodile:
The sweet water crocodiles will up to 2 till 3 meters long. They live most in North Australia, in quiet and salt-free waters. Its nose is very small and long. They eat most fish, frogs, water birds, big insects or little water turtles. The sweet-water crocodiles live just in Australia. For people are this crocodiles not dangerous. They are shy and are worry.

Salt water crocodiles:
Salt water crocodiles are the biggest crocodiles of the world. This animals are most 4 till 8 meters long and they can be up to 100 years old. This crocodiles live always in coast water, in rivers in west- Australia. She feed most fish, birds, birds and other little animals. For people they are very dangerous. Just in breeding season they are more dangerous.

The Kangaroo is one of the most special animals of Australia. In Australia are over 60 different species Kangaroos. All of the kangaroos live in families it is the superfamily Macropoidea. They weight from 0,5 till 90 kilograms. All Kangaroo types live in the area of Australia. They are in the cold-climate or even in the desert plains, in the tropical rainforests and beaches.

Kangaroos are plants eater, they eat different plants for example grass, leaves or fruits and buds. They need not so much water,
than other animals, so it’ s good they can live good in dry areas.

Kangaroos are already for the Aborigines important. The Aborigines hunted the Kangaroos, because the Kangaroo meat and their skin. The meat for animals feed and the skin to leather for Hand shoes, shoes and boots.

Emus are the biggest bird of the world, they are 1,5 till 1,9 meters high and weigh between 30 till 50 kilogram. When they ran, they are till 50km/h fast. Emus live in all area of Australia. In all Australia live about 700 000 Emus and alone in west-Australia live 180 000 till 200 000 Emus. The highest age is 32 Years. In the open-air the emus make running groups.

Emus are the biggest plants-eater of Australia. They eat most local plants in Australia. Younger Emus feed crawler, grasshoppers and other invertebrate’s animals. Older Emus feed fruits, berries, seed, flowers, grass, in winter they feed then leaves and seed. All Emus have to drink a lot water.

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