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Australien - 9.Version - Referat

My presentation is about Australia. I chose this topic because my uncle was in australia in 1997 and in my opinion its a very nice country.

Australia is the smallest, the flattes and the dryest of the five continents.
Itīs size is about 7 692 030 sq km.
If you put a map of australia on one map of Europe you can get an idea of itīs size.
Because it would cover an area from Egypt to the middle of Sweden and from Portugal to central Turkey.

The capital of australia isnīt Sydney what most people think, itīs Canberra in the south of the country nearby the coast.

Before I tell you something about the states of australia I want to tell you something about itīs histrory.

Iīve got a map here to make it more understandable.
(karte. australien+ neuseeland)

Australia was discovered by Captain Jeames Cook.
He sailed from Plymouth to Tahiti in 1769. Before returning to England he explored the South Seas, where he discovered and sailed all round New Zealand.
On 29th April he landed in Botany Bay and met some of the Aboriginal people who have lived there for 60 000 years.
Iīm not going to tell you more about the Aboriginies because it would be a special topic.
Australia belongs today to the Commonwealth with the Queen as its head of state.
Thats the reason why the Queen is faced on the australian Dollar.

So that was the history how australia was discovered.

Now I want to tell you about the states of australia.

Australia consists of six states and one Territorry.
The states are: (Folie)

New South Wales with the capital Sydney ,
Queensland with the capital Brisbane,
then South Australia with the Capital Adelaide.
The nearby island Tasminia with the capital Hobart.
Victoria with the capital Melboure. I would tell you more about Melbourne in a few secounds and at last Western Australia with the capital Perth.

And Northern Territory with the capital Darwin .

So now I want to take a closer look to Melbourne.

Melbourne is the biggest town after Sydney and itīs number of population is about 3 million.
Itīs the capital of victoria and victoria is the smallest state of australia with an area of 230 000 sq km.

Now I want to take you on a sightseeing-tour throurgh Melbourne.

First of all we cross the Yarra River, here you can see
the Flinders Street Railway Station it is Melbourne's main metropolitan train station and was built in 1900.
The buildings coulor is gold and red as you can see.

now we walk along Flinders Street, we can see on the left side the St. Pauls Cathedral.
Here is a picture of the cathedral.
then we turn left, there we can see the Houses of Parliament.
It exists since the year 1855 and its the biggest
building which was built in the 19. century.
In the Princess Theatre you can see musicals like Abba, the Phantom of opera and much more.
Finally we are at the Victoria's State Library. It boasts over one million books.
You can take a look inside if you want *g*

So that was my little sightseeing-tour through Melborne,
but the most exiting sight are the 12 Apostels.
The 12 Apostels are the rocks in front of the coast of Port Campbell .
They are a part of a national Park along the Great Ocean Road.
In the national park you can see interesting things like people searching for gold in a village called Ballarat or Bendigo. Here in this picture you can see some of these people.
The village Ballarat is a kind of open-air-museum.
If you walk through the little village you might see some people in costumes of this century or some men sitting in front of a store and playing musik.

An other nice and very famous city is Sydney.

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales itīs a number of populatin about
4 mio.
everybody knows the most famous sight in sydney - the opera house.
On 20th Octobre 1973 the opera-house was opened by queen Elizabeth 2.
Actually it should be opened on the Australia day. 26 januar.
Right across the Opera House you can see the Harbour Bridge.
The Harbour Bridge is also called a coat hanger, because it looks like this.

An other sight in sydney is the Sydney Tower.
It offers an overview of the whole city, but you can only look through glas at a hight of 305 m.

Finally I want to tell you something about Bondi Beach.
Itīs the most famous beach in australia and every surfer knows it.
In the Olympic Year in 2000 the Beachvolleyball-competition took place there.
Donīt forget that over 100 movies were already filmed there. Maybe you will realize it when you watch one of them.
and with this Iīm going to stop my presentation,
i hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for listening!

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