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Australian Pop music - Referat

Australia has produced a wide variety of popular and rock music and many musicians and bands have had international success.
But it is a questionable point whether Australian music really has a distinctive sound or not.

Popular or pop music had its origin in the 1960s. The differences to rock music are simple melodies, harmonies and words. Pop songs are songs, which are easy to remember and have a wide appeal.

The Australian pop music starts with stars like Little Pattie. She was spotted by talent scouts at a surf club in 1963 and her first hit was Heís my blonde headed stompie wompie real gone surfer. In 1966, at the age of 17, she was the youngest entertainer to play to Australian troops in Vietnam.
In 1972 Helen Reddy attained great success with the song I am a woman and entered into the growing feminist movement of the early 1970s.

The Bee Gees are an example of an Australian pop group that achieved international success as singers, songwriters and producers. The brothers Gibb emigrated from Britain to Australian as children. In 1963 their first single three kisses of love was released. In 1967 they attained international success with songs like Massachusetts, words and Iíve gotta get a message to you. In the late 1960s they were worldwide the most successful band and even sold more records than the Beatles. Then the band broke up but in 1975 they celebrated their comeback and released many disco hits like Night fever, how deep is your love and stayin alive. Some hits were following till in the 1990s. In 2003 Maurice Gibb died and in 2006 they eventually broke up.

Since the 1990s Australia has produced a number of popular TV soap operas like Neighbours and home and away. Many actors of these soaps tried to gain success as singers. The most successful are Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia, Delta Goodrem and Craig McLachlan.

But the most famous and successful singing soap star is Kylie Minogue.
As a child she acted already in Australian TV shows, but in 1986 she made the breakthrough in the TV soap neighbours. In 1987 she got a record contract and released her first single loco-motion, which became a number-one hit. Other hits like I should be so lucky or especially for you followed and she gained international success. In the 1990s her success declined but in 2002 she had her comeback with songs like
Spinning around, Canít get you out of my head, in your eyes and love at first sight. In 2005 she came down with cancer. But now she is as good as cured and is working on a new album.
Kylie is well known for her looks and her ability to transform her image. Her younger sister Danielle called Dannii has also success as an actress and as a singer.

The first wave of Rock music in Australia started 1956 with Rock around the clock from Bill Haley and the comets. It became the biggest-selling Australian single ever.
The second wave began in 1964 after the impact of the Beatles with groups like Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and The easybeats. The 1970s were characterised by new forms of rock like new wave and punk rock.
In the late 1970s hard rock bands like AC/DC gained international success
In the1980s numerous Australian bands arose but in the 1990s only AC/DC and INXS were able to break the us and the European market.
Nowadays the Australian rock can be described on the one hand as new millennium garage rock and on the other hand hardcore punk and Metal core.
Current bands are for example The Vines, The Veronicas, Powder finger Killing Heidi, or Parkway Drive.

To conclude Australian rock and pop has now developed its own unique sound, is determined by international trends but is also rooted in local experiences.

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