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Australia - Referat

Today I want to tell you something about this interesting country.

Australia is the world’s smallest continent and largest island of the world. It is as big as the United States, but has only 18 million inhabitants. The people in Australia are called “Aussies”.

7.7 million kmēThe capital is Canberra.Australia is the sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the US and Brazil.Australia is the driest continent of the world because of the deserts. Australia has about 3.000 national parks, like the Kakadu National Park.

Western Territory: It is the biggest part of Australia and there are a lot of deserts like the great sand-dessert, the great Victoria-desert and the Gibson-desert.

Northern Territory: In this big area live only 1 % of the people of Australia.

South Australia: Is the driest state of Australia and the biggest city is Adelaide.

Queensland: There are a lot of National Parks, rainforests, nice beaches and
the Great Barrier Riff is not very far away. The Great Barrier Riff is the longest and most complex coral system in the world. It is more than 2.300 kilometers long and it is the only earthly structure which you can see from other space.

New South Wales: There live the most people of Australia (more the 6 million). The half of this 6 million people live in Sydney. Sydney is the oldest and biggest settlement of Australia. Last year were the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney.

Victoria: This is the smallest part of Australia. It has 230.000 square kilometers and is about 3 times bigger than Austria. But it only has 4.6 million inhabitants. The biggest city is Melbourne. All houses and buildings are built like in Europe.

The Aboriginal People: They have lived in Australia for around 50.000 years and they are the oldest civilization in the world. They have a special relationship with their land and their spiruality. The Aboriginal People have their own body painting and dance style. They use
boomerangs for hunting animals.The Ayers Rock is a very mystery red rock in the center of the country and it is a part of the Aborigines.

Climate: The climate in Australia is very strange for us, because you can spend Christmas on the beach or you can go skiing in August. The fact is that the Australia’s seasons are the opposite of the northern hemisphere. The summer starts in December and winter starts in June.

Flora and Fauna: Australia’s isolation for more than 55 million years has created very special animals and plants, which you cannot find nowhere else in the world. Very famous animals of Australia are the Koala and the Kangaroo.

Finally I thing it would be a good idea to do a journey to Australia because it is one of the most interesting countries of the world. And one tip for your Journey to Australia: Don’t try to drink more beer than Australian people because you won’t win.I hope I told you some interesting things of Australia and thank you for your attention.

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