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Australia the continent down under - Referat


Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. My talk is about Australia. At first I want to tell you some generally facts. Australia is the biggest island of the world, but also the smallest continent with an area of about 7.7 Mio square kilometres. Australia is divided up into six states and two territories:

New South Wales with the capital Sydney,
Queensland with the capital Brisbane,
South Australia with the capital Adelaide,
Tasmania with the capital Hobart,
Victoria with the capital Melbourne,
West Australia with the capital Perth,
Northern territory with the capital Darwin and
Capital territory with the capital Canberra.

Canberra is also the capital of Australia. There live about 340.000 inhabitants. But the biggest city is Sydney with 3.3 Mio inhabitants. Although Australia is the biggest island, there only live 20 Mio people.

Now I want to explain you the flag of Australia. In the top left corner is the Union Jack. It stands for the influence from Great Britain to Australia, because Australia is a part of the Commonwealth. In the left under the Union Jack is a big star, it is called Commoweath star. 6 rays stand for the 6 states and 1 ray for the territories. In the right half you can see five more stars. They stand for the constellation “Cross of the South”.

The native people in Australia are the Aborigines. Today only about 1% of the Australian population are Aborigines. Almost 300 languages were used by the Aborigines, today there are about 50. They lived together in big family groups and each with its own language and culture. In the year 1788 the Europeans came to Australia. They took the land of the Aborigines and brought alcohol, drugs and illness to them. Because of these facts many Aborigines died. Today, there are still a lot of Aborigenes who have problems with alcohol and drugs. White Australians didn`t give them all civil rights, because they didnīt unterstand the Aborigines way to live. Today they live in the outback and the white population accept their way to live. But the sozial situation of them isnīt good. 38% of the Aborigines are unemployed.

The appearance of them:
They have a very dark skin, and black hairs. Their lips are mostly very pronounced.

In Australia are about 20.000 arts of plants. About 90% of them exist just in Australia. I think one of the most famous plant is the gumtree. There are 400 sorts of them.
I think the best known animal of Australia is the kangaroo. There are about 40 arts of it. They
belong to the marsupials. On this picture you can see a big red kangaroo. It can jump 23 metres wide.
An other familiar animal is the koala. Although it looks like a bear, it isnīt a bear. It belongs to the marsupials, too. The food of the koalas are leaves from the gumtree. In Australia live about 400.000 of them.

Now I want to tell you something about the sights. The most popular sight is the Opera House in Sydney. Inside are 5 theatres, the Concert Hall, the Opera Theatre, the Drama Theatre, the Playhouse and the Studio Theatre. Altogether there are 1000 rooms in it. Behind the Opera House is the Harbour Bridge. It is the second highlight after the Opera House. It is 1.149 metres long and 49 metres wide. The whole building time was amount to 8 years. It opened on March 19th, 1932. An other very familiar sight is the Uluru. It is better known under the name Ayers Rock. It has got the name from its first white discoverer. It is about 4,5 km long, 2,5 km wide and about 350 metres tall. The Uluru is a holy place for the Aborigines, and it is forbidden to climb on it. The Great Barrier Reef is a famous attraction of Australia, too. It is 2000 kilometres long and 40 kilometres wide. The area of it is about 345.000 square kilometres. It is older than 10.000 years. It consists of 400 difficult coral typs, 1.500 sorts of fish and 4000 arts of molluscs. The world under the water is very fascinating.

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