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Australia - 6.Version - Referat

Today I want to tell you something about this interesting country.
Australia is a country and a continent. The west coast of Australia is in the Indian Ocean and the east Coast is in the Pacific Ocean. Many people think that Sydney is the capital of Australia, but it is wrong. Canberra is the Capital of Australia. With a total area of 7.692 km2. Australia is the sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the US and Brazil. Australia is the world's smallest continent and largest island of the world. It is as big as the United States, but has only around 20 million inhabitants. Sydney is the most popular and largest city in Australia with a lot of sights. Over 4.2 million people live there. Australia is divided up into six states and two territories: Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, Northen Territory and Australian Capital Territory. The national language is English with a strong accent. The people in Australia are called Aussies. Australia is also called " the land down under" and "Oz". The biggest cities of Australia are: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. Australia has about 3.000 national parks, like the Kakadu National Park. Popular Animals in Australia are the Emus, the koala bears, the kangerous, the kookaburas, crocodiles, ostriches and snakes. The national sport of Australia is the Australian Rules football or rugby. Other popular sports are cricket and rugby. The first Europeans settled in Australia in 1788. The native people in Australia are the Aborigines ( 40.000 years ago). Today only about 1% of the Australian population are Aborigines. Typical aboriginal instruments are the didgeridoo, the boomerang and the bullroarer. The climate in Australia is very strange for us, because you can spend Christmas on the beach or you can go skiing in August. In Australia the summer starts in December and the winter starts in June.

Now I want to tell you something about the sights which are for example the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The most popular sight is the Opera House in Sydney.

Famous Sights in Australia
Sydney Opera House
- it was designed by a Danish architect named Jorn Utzon
- and was opened in 1973
- There are 5 theatres : Concert Hall, the Opera Theatre, the Drama Theatre, the Playhouse and the Studio Theatre

The second famous sight is the
Sydney Harbour Bridge
it was opened in 1932
- It is 1.149 metres long and 49 metres wide
- The building time was around 8 years
- and it connects Sydney's north to the south coast

And now I want to tell you about two famous natural sights of Australia, which are the Uluru Rock and the Great Barrier Reef.

The Uluru Rock (Ayers Rock)
- it located in the centre of Australia
- it is about 800 million years old
- is a very important Rock for Aborigine's, because it is a sacred place for them
- it change its colours during the rain (from red to orange and to gray)

Great Barrier Reef
- is located ashort distance off the north-east coast
- is a famous attraction of Australia
- it is 2000 kilometres long and 40 kilometres wide
- there are 400 different coral typs and 1.500 sorts of fish
- the water there is also very clear

Finally, the McArthur's South-up map

An other very famous history part of Oz is the McArthur's Universal Corrective Map of the World which was designed in 1979 by an Aussie who's name is Stuart McArthur.

Australia is one of my favourite country, because the land is very interesting, also because there is so much nature and because of the amazing animals. I hope I told you some interesting things about Australia and thank you very much for your attention.

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