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Australia - 4.Version - Referat


As you know I have my presentation in English about Australia.

1) 1770, the year when the Britain engage Australia.18 years later they build in Sydney a kind of a prison. The convicts colonize in Sydney and live there, start a family and so on. On this way arised Sydney.
2) This explained also why they have a picture of the queen on their money. Anybody know that?
3) New South Wels: In New South Wels is Sydney. Sydney is one of the biggest cities in Australia and the capital of New South Wels. In Sydney is the opera house. Maybe some of you know it. Here is a picture of it. Some people say that this is the most important reason for going to Sydney. In Sydney is also the harbor bridge. It opened in the year 1932. Royal Botanical gardens maybe this notion say something to you. This Garden is in the middle of Sydney. It is a specialty Garden, wish was build for people, who don’t like the big cities. There you can see all the plants which are in Australia. Many of this plants are the once in the world. Let’s get to another point the Sydney Aquarium. Sydney Aquarium is a must-see, and one of the best things to do in Sydney. Walk under water and see the nicest animal, wish live under the water.
4) 2) Let´ s goes to another territory. The Blue Mountains. Here begins the real site of Australia. In the national Park you can see the nature on its beautiful site. The Blue Mountains are part of the Great Dividing Range. Rainforest, bogs and timber forest, all of that is in the Blue Mountains.
5) Victoria, this is also a territory. The capital of Victoria is Melbourne. About 5 million people live there. 5 million people, that a lot, because only 18 million people live in Australia. Aborigine had lived in Vitoria about 40.000 years. 1851 Victoria was a British colony. At the same time there was a gold rush. From all over the world people came into the land. The village grew up and more people live there than in Melbourne. That was the end of Australia as a penal institution, because not only convicts live in Australia. People who know that you can’t get rich with search gold build shops and such things, that´ s why Australia became a democratic state. Sheep station, everybody know what I mean. In Victoria are a lot of sheep stations, like in the story ´come in, Sheila´ , you know what I mean? In the story Sheila had a sheep station. In Australia there are a lot of that. But let’s get to an other territory
6) The Northern Territory. There is the symbol for Australia. The Ayers Rock. Anybody know what I mean? Yes correct it is The Northern Territory. The Uluru, that’s the Aboriginal word for Ayers Rock, is the holy symbol for the Aborigines. There, how you even know, live the Aborigines, but life isn’t nice for the Aborigines there, a lot of wild and toxically animals live there.
The Aborigines also live in a den; a den is a hole or something like that, in a rock or in the underground. Yes they live in a den in the Ayers Rock.
In the Northern Territory is also a
very beautiful sign, anybody know? It´ s the Kings Canyon. Here is a picture of it. In the middle of the canyon is a oasis, that’s because a huge water tank is in the underground. Thousand of people want to see the canyon, because of a man; his name was Jim Katerrall, that is now possible. He builds together with his father a street to the Canyon. The capital of the Northern Territory is …? Darwin. In Darwin live 40 different nations, but there were no problems with racism or something like that. A big problem, but also a very big tourist attraction, are the crocodiles. Because of a law the crocodiles shouldn’t be hunted, so the crocodiles will get more and more. On a specialty place you can touch the animal, because they are very small and cute.
7) Let´ s get to another territory: Queensland. Does anybody know what is in
Queensland? It is also called the eights wonder of the world. It is the Great Barrier Reef. I think it doesn’t matter, if I tell you something about it because all of you should know all of it. Because of that, let´ s go to another sign. The Daintree National park. It is the last rainforest in Australia, which is at the same condition as for thousand years. But if you want to visit the Daintree National park, you shouldn’t walk without a guide, because you can run you and nobody will find you. But there is another nature wonder in Queensland, can you tell me the name of it? Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the world biggest island, which is only made of sand. There, in Fraser Island is the King Fisher Bay Resort, in which tourist can relax. When you want to visit Fraser Island you can’t drive with your car, because there are no streets. You only can see the sand island with a boat.
7) Let’s came to another territory. The biggest of Australia, it is called…, Western Australia. In Western Australia aren’t a lot of sign, there you only see sand, sand and more sand. The outback it often will call. It is called ´´The Outback´´

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