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Australia - 3.Version - Referat

I would like to tell you something about Australia.Here you can see a collage about Australia, I tell you later more about it.At first I want to tell you some generally facts.Australia is the biggest Island of the world, but also the smallest continent with an area of about 7.7Mio square kilometres.Australie is devided up into six states and two territories:New South Wales with the capital Sydney, Queensland with the capital Brisbane,South Australia with the capital Adelaide, Tasmania with the capital Hobart, Victoria with the capital Melbourne, West Australia with the capital Perth, Northern territory with the capital Darwin and Capital territory with the capital Canberra.Canberra is also the capital of Australia, located in the self-governing Australian Capital Territory.The population is around 20.6 million people.Two of Canberra best-known landmarks are the Parliament House and the old Parliament House .Here you can see a picture of them.The National Museum of Australia you can find in Canberra ,too.It encompasses nearly every aspect of Australia e.g life and culture from its geography.The director of these museum is Craddock Morton.In the bottom right-hand corner you can see a piture of it.The largest part of Australia is desert or semi-arid.Ausrtalia is the driest inhabited continent, the flattest and has the oldest and least fertile soils. There are about 20.000 arts of plants.One of the most famous tree is the gumtree.The northern part of the country, with a tropical climate, has a vegitation consisting of rainforest,woodland,grassland,mangrove swamps and desert.Well-known Australia fauna include monotremes;a host of marsupials, including the kangaroo,koala,wombat and birds such as the emu, and kookaburra.There live saltwater and freshwater crocodils and 120 kinds of snakes.The largest city is Sydney with over 4.2 million inhabitants.Sydney is the most populous city in Australia with a lot of sights.The most popular sight is the Opera House in Sydney.Here you can see it.Inside are 5 theatres, the Concert Hall, the Opera Theatre, the Drama Theatre, the Playhouse and the Studio Theatre.All together are 1000 rooms in it.A tourist attraction is the Sydney Tower because it is the Sydney's tallest free-standing structure, and the second tallest in Australia.In the top left-hand corner you can see a picture of it.In the Tower are a small gift shop, two restaurants and a open-air viewing platform.The Taronga Zoo is the city zoo of Sydney.It is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour in Mosman.In the top right-hand corner you can see it.This photo shows the Great Barrier Reef, it is a famous attraction,too.It has a length of more than 2000 km and is 40 kilometres wide.It is older than 10.000 years.In reality the region that is called
Great Barrier Reef exists of about 2600 seperate reefs.The Great Barrier Reef is habitat to a hunge numbers of living things.There are 400 different kinds of corals and 1500 different species of fish.Along the shores and beaches you will find countless seabirds and six of the world's seven species of sea turtle.
History of Australia:
The first habitation of Australia is estimated to have occurred between 42,000 and 48,000 years ago.The first Australians were the Aboriginies; they arrived via land bridges ans short sea-crossing from present-day Southeast Asia.At the beginning of the 17th century came european navigators came to Australia,the first one was Willem Jansz .

Now I want to explain you the flag of Australia.In the middle you can see it.In the top left corner is the Union Jack.It stands for the influence from Great Britain to Australia, because Australia is a part of the Commonwealth.In the left under the Union Jack is a big star, it is called Commonwealth star.6 rays stand for the states and 1 ray for the territories.In the right half you can see five more stars.They stand for the constellation ,,Cross of the South".We found out that Australia is devided up into six states and two territories and that Australia has a lot of sights like the Great Barrier Reef and the Opera House.We also found out that Australia is the driest inhabited continent.

Thanks for listening and if there are any questions I will be pleased to answer them.
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