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Australia - 2.Version - Referat


General facts:
-area: 7.7 million sq. Km
-population: ca. 20 million (aboriginal -population: ca. 230.000)
-capital: Canberra (since 1913)
-largest city: Sydney
-divided in 6 states (Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania), 2 major mainland territories (Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory) and other minor territories (example: Mc Donalds Island)
-national language: English
-currency: Australian dollar

-native people: the Abirigines (live there for about 40 000 years)
-first recorded sighting of the Australian mainland: 1606 by the Dutchman Willelm Janszoon , who called this land “New Holland”
-he discovered just the dry and unfruitful territory couldn’t make any use of it
-1770: the Briton James Cook sailed along the east coast of Australia
-J. Cook named this territory “New South Wales” and claimed it for Britain
-America became independent from Great Britain no possilitity to sent the English prisoners to America anymore --> 1788 first convicts arrived in Australia (Sydney)
-exploring the whole island more and more people want to move to Australi --> stop shipping the convicts to the land
-the other colonies were established (= gegründet)
-January 1st 1901: “Commonwealth of Australia” was founded
-1986: completely independent from Great Britain
-until today: head of the state = the British Queen

-Ayers Rock: the Aborigine’s holiest rock, which is about 800 million years old
-Devil’s Marbles (= granitic cliffs, which look like big balls)
-typical = the coasts, which are affected by cliffs (for example: Great Ocean Road)
-east coast: - beautiful beaches with clear water
- Great Barrier Reef (largest coral reef in the world (2000km long), popular destiny for tourists (about 8 millions a year))
- characteristic for Australia = Outbacks
(Outbacks = dry regions far away from civilisation, nearly 75% of the whole country are covered by them, poor population)
-80% of the people live on only 5% of the county
-australia has the biggest crop of sheep world-wide (currently about 150 million sheep)
-most popular animals: Kangaroo, Koala, Emu (you can find them only in Australia)
-Sydney (= largest, oldest and most famous city with 4,3 million inhabitants)
- in the year 2000: Olympic Summer Games
- Sydney Opera House: opened in 1973; has about 1000 rooms (5 theatres with 5532 seats, big Concert Hall with 2679 seats, shops, restarrants, bars and so on)
- Harbour Bridge: official opened in 1932; connects Sydney’s north and south coast

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