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Au pair - Referat

Aupair is the shorter name for aupairgirl/-boy.
An aupair is a young person who goes to an other family (mostly in an other country). It's like an exchange of students, but the aupair has to do jobs in the house and gets money.
In the USA the exercises are just things which have to do with the kids, for example Babysitting, helping at doing the homework, cooking,...
The US-administration decided the following rules:
- they must have one or two days free time per week
- they must have two weeks holidays
- between 140$ and 200$ payment per week
- housing and Food/Drink
- an own room
For taking a part in aupair, you have to be between 18 and 26, you should have fun at being with kids and you should be poised to get to know a new culture.
Normally the aupair programme takes one year.
For young people it's a good chance to get knowed other country's, to meet new friends, to learn the language of the other country and to learn the associate and the education of children.

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