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Area 51 - Referat

Area 51 is a military restricted area in southern Nevada (USA) in the possession of the United States air Force and the US-American ministry of defence. Within the big air force exercise area of Nellis there is this in addition secure military arrangement whose existence was kept secret by the American government long. The US air Force tests there new experimental airplanes. Area 51 is often brought in connection with aliens.
Kenneth Arnold
Kenneth Arnold saw on the 24th of June, 1947 over the Mount Rainier as the first person a flying saucer. However, just! Did he really see a flying saucer? The piquant detail: No! Kenneth Arnold spoke of a boomerang-shaped object whose flight behaviour reminds of saucers which one throws and leaves then about the water titschen. This was to the newspaper reporters whom he told it, but not useful enough - swiftly the flying saucers were born. Kenneth Arnold has made even a drawing of it what he saw. (Picture pointing)
Area 51 is a restricted area of about 100 km surface in Lincoln county and Nye County, 110 km northwesterly from Las Vegas. It is framed from Groom-and Papoose mountain ranges. Between both mountains lies of the Groom Lake, a dried out salt lake of about five kilometres of diameter. In the southwest part of this lake an air force base was built. Here is with a length of more than 8 kilometres the longest runway of the world. On satellite photos another four land roads on the salt lake are to be discover and in each case two run of it in parallel.
The name Area 51 comes from the old area divisions on maps of the Nevada-test area.

Operations in Groom Lake
The base is used for the development and test of new airplanes. At the beginning of the serial production of these airplanes the prototypes are moved to her new application bases. Combat units of the US army are not stationed in the Groom Lake.
Groom Lake was used during the Second World War as bombs and artillery shooting place. In 1955 this was closed down when the place was better known by the team of the Lockheed Advanced Development Projects Unit (better known as Skunk Works) as the ideal place for test flights of the U-2-spy airplane was selected. The lake was an ideal start place and landing field for the test airplane hardly to be used, and the mountain ranges as well as the anyway barred Nevada-test area protected the confidential airplane against the public.
Lockheed built on the Groom Lake a command base which existed of a few bunkers, production halls and a caravan settlement. The first U-2 started in August, 1955, and from the middle of 1956 began U-2 used by the CIA of Germany and Turkey from her overflights about Soviet territory.
During this time Nevada carried out test site (NTS) a new series of atmospheric nuclear
explosions. Hence, the operations with U-2 had to be stopped in the course of 1957 several times. With an experiment nuclear fallout about Groom Lake came down and demanded to the passing evacuation of the area.
Because the major task was U-2 the overflight about Soviet territory, they were moved to bases near the Soviet borders, for example, Incirlik air-base in Turkey or Peschawar in Pakistan.

Later operations
Since F-117A was operational in 1983, the activities in the Groom Lake went on without reduction. The base and the matching system of landing fields were developed. Satellite photos conclude by a base constantly taken with 1000 people to which once again in 1000 daily from Las Vegas test-flown commuters come. These pendulum flights result with Boeing 737 600 jets of the airport of Las Vegas several times during the day with the Janet flights. The terminal for these flights is near the Mandalay-Bay hotels in Las Vegas.
In 1995 the government expanded the restricted area around the base to some nearby hills from which one had before a look at the base. The point only at the moment, from where one causes limited insight into the restricted area has, is the top of the Tikaboo Peak. This is a 2400 m high mountain, which lies about 40 km east of Area 51 military base.
After rumours were tested in the Groom Lake also the Stealth UAV-clarification drone, a small Stealth-troop transporter, an also disguised Cruise Missile and the hypothetical Aurora airplane.
Raised building activity during the last years concludes by a furthermore intensive use of the arrangement and new projects. In spring, 2008 another hangar which is meanwhile the biggest building of the arrangement was finished.
The air Force remains with her line neither to confirm rumours about Groom Lake and the activities there, nor to deny.

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