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Animal Abuse Bull fights - Referat

Animal have feelings, they feel pain, loneliness, anger and even happiness. So what would you do if someone treats an animal badly, for example hurting?
Good morning every one. In this lesson I will be talking about animal abuse and the fact that the most people close their eyes about the theme violence against animals.
Mainly I will talk about “bullfights”. Bullfights are rituals, where humans fight against bulls. The most famous bullfights are in Spain, Portugal and South Africa. In one year there are about 2000 bullfights in Spain and it`s a billion dollar business with 200.000 workplaces.
The majority of people think that bulls are treated right and that they live outside on the green field. But that is totally wrong. In past decades, bullfighting has been an accepted and admired as a 'sport'. It has been portrayed as courageous and matadors have been made into heroes.
In reality the bulls will torment for days. Two or three days before the fight, people lock the bull in a dark room. So that he lost the spatial and temporal orientation. They give him laxatives and rub him acid cream in the thighs so that he can no longer sleep or sit.
Also they stab him pins into his scrotum and they spray him pepper spray into his eyes so that it`s difficult to see. The bulls have no chance against the Torero, they are not wild or dangerous anymore they are only blind, powerless and poorly animals weakened by pain.

The torero has the choice to join, the bull not. For me it has nothing to do with art, culture or aesthetics. Just imagine you are an animal and you were treated like that just for the reason you can`t tell your feelings.

In spite of this fact animals should have rights like us. It`s not allowed that animals die because of sensationalism for people who pay entry to see someone killing a bull. That`s abnormal. We don`t have gladiator games anymore so why we have still bullfights? It can`t be a World Heritage. It has nothing to do with culture! And it has nothing to do with a tradition, murder is murder. Also killing is a crime, so why it`s not criminal when you kill bulls?

We have to do something against bullfights. People can`t support bullfights anymore.
I've read
a lot, that people spend their holiday in Spain, and thought, "Oh, well let's go watch a bullfight"; not fully understanding what it's all about. If people stopped going, the $1.2 million a year would evaporate and it would no longer be a sport.

One of the worst things is, both Pepsi and Coke claim that they will never sponsor an event which involves animal cruelty - and yet they happily pay sponsorship for bullfighting in Spain.
We also shouldn’t support telecast bullfights. Because they show the fight at 3 pm and that is the time where the most children are watching TV. That`s not right, we have to separate child’s from violence.

Let´s be active and stop bullfights. Everyone can help, no matter how. For example:

Around the world, support against to bullfighting is growing. In July 2010, Catalonia’s Parliament banned bullfighting and in May 2013, the Mexican state of Sonora did the same. Bullfighting has proven to be inhumane and wrong. By these bulls being repeatedly stabbed and going through multiple ways of suffering, bullfighting is vicious and heartless. Also this so called “entertainment” is completely unnecessary. Bullfighting is needless in our society and is altogether unsustainable. In conclusion, bullfighting is malicious and inhumane, and it must be put to a stop.

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