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An Abundance of Kathrines from John Green - Referat

The most people have a special type they prefer for a relationship. But when a normal boy or girl makes bad experiences with this type, they reassess and perhaps they find a new type. But Colin singleton, the central character of the Book “an abundance of kathrines” from john green, isn’t a normal boy. He is a prodigy and he’s been dumped 19 times from a Girl named Kathrine. Yes he has not a Type like a normal Person, his kink are Girls with the Name Kathrine. Colin is a really clever Boy, some people say he is a genius but he says that he is just a prodigy. You want to know why some people think that he is a genius. By the age of 2 he was able to read Newspapers, by the age of 18 he spoke 11 languages fluently, he can form Anagrams and he has a lot of other astonishing skills. But Colin doesn´t only have Problems with lot of Kathrines, he is also socially awkward and can´t make friends. Effectively Colin has only two close friends.
One of them is the 18 year old Hassan Harbish. Hassan is very corpulent boy and makes a lot of jokes about it. He is not only joking about his flaws, his funny notes and remarks add a humorous note to the entire Book. He is a Muslim and rules out any sexual activities before being married.
Colins other friend was a girl named Katherina. They had a brief relationship by the age of 8, which only lasted 2 minutes. They take another shot by the age of 18, but she dumps him at the start of the story. So she was his first and last Kathrine.
He is really sad about it after he and his best friend Hassan finish their High school they come up with the idea to go on a road trip. Their parents give them their leave and the two are ready to start their adventure.
They start their journey by car in Chicago with no real destination in mind.
Okay now I have a quiz for you. In which state is Chicago.
At the first day they were in Kentucky, at the second day in Tennessee. Hassan said that they should do some sightseeing and Colin saw a sign leading to the Grave of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. A few minutes later the two boys stand in a little shop and colin asks the Salesman where they can find the grave. The girl named Linsey Lee Walls is in the same age as the boys and shows them the grave. On their way to the grave Colin falls and starts to bleed. I will now read the Scene which follows the incident out loud for you.
After this scene Lindsey takes the boys to her home and Lindsey’s Mom holly offered them a job and two rooms to live in the boys stay in gutshot. Their job is to interview all current adult residents of Gutshot and assemble an oral history of the town.
The following day, lindey and her mom took the boys with them to the shop from the first day and 3 Bpys come inside. One of the boys is named colin (TOC) and he`s Lindey´s boyfriend. To avoid confusion Hassan and Colin refer to the other Colin with TOC . The boys are quite the opposite of hassan and colin. They are the cool kids and hassan and colin are used to being outsiders Colin didn’t like the boys but Hassan wanted to be a part of their group. A few days later Colin and Hassan are invited to a hunt. Colin don’t want to go with them to the hunt but he begins to like Lindsey, so he goes anyways. In this time Hassan finds his first Girlfriend, katrin, and she’s a friend from Lindsey and the boys. Colin can´t understand why Hassan have a Girlfriend now because he never before wanted one.
The Group split up for the hunt. TOC and Lindsey, Hassan, Colin and TOCs dad, and the other 2 boys and Katrin. The group with Tocs dad runs a lot in the forest and Hassan and Colin say that they wait there because they can´t run anymore and TOCs dad should go alone. After a while came an angry boar and Hassan and Colin run
away. They are really in panic and Colin wants to shoot at the boar but he hits a hornet nest. The hornet fly to the boys and sting them. After the Hornets are gone, Colin and Hassan notice that they got lost.
They go straight ahead and after one hour they came to the grave of Franz Ferdinand. But they are not alone. Katrin, the girlfriend from Hassan, is there with TOC, the boyfriend from Lindsey, and they have Sex. Hassan saw that and at first thing he says to Colin that he never want again a girl bevor he´s married and then he screams at Katrin, that he breaks up with her. Katrin and TOC wanted to explain the situation and Colin starts his recorder undetected. Lindsey and the other boys come with beer and they stop to talk about it. After a while Colin starts the tape and everyone can hear that TOC betray Lindsey with Katrin. Lindsey want to run away but TOC hold her in his arms, and Hassan and Colin want to help her. TOC hit Colin on his nose and he pushes Hassan. Colin runs away to the grave and makes Anagrams of the name “Franz Ferdinand” and one Anagram is Fred N. Dinzanfar, that’s the name of Lindsey’s Grandpa. And Colin understands that it is Lindsey grandfather who is is buried in the grave. Colin realizes that it is highly unlikely for an Austrian Archduke to be buried in a small town in the U.S.
In that moment Colin faints. When he’s awake again, the fight is over and theyre at home.
The next days were normal days. Lindsey say that she doesn`t want to talk about what happened with TOC. Hasan and Colin accept that. A few days later Lindsey shows Colin a place where she always comes when she’s sad or when she wants to be alone.
Next day Lindsey say that she’s with a friend and Colin think she’s at her secret place. He walks to the place and Lindsey really was there. She’s happy that he’s there and they talked to each other. Colin tell Lindsey his discovery with the grave. Lindsey laughs and says that she knew that. They talk about TOC, and Colin tells her all the stories about the 19 kathrines and at the end they kiss each other. The funny thing is that Colin have his first Girlfriend who is not a Kathrine, but Lindsey have her second boyfriend named Colin.

“An abundance of Kathrines” is the second of four book by the 38 year old writer John Green. He is born 1977 in Indiana and he got popular with his first book “Looking for Alaska” 2005. He earns a lot of awards and nominations for “an abundance of Kathrines” for example he was the finalist for Los Angeles times Books prize in the same year when the book was published. The review from the Kirkus Reviews is “Fully fun, challengingly complex and entirely entertaining”. My Personal Review is that it is a really colloquially written book, with complex characters and a lot of funny language. The language was not easy to compered for me because it is colloquial written.
That was my seminar paper about “an abundance of Kathrine’s” and when you have some questions, now is the time you can ask.

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