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American high schools vs german high schools - Referat

1.Homecoming week
Homecomig week is the welcoming back former students and members of the high school.This is a tradition in many high schools and collages in US and Canada and usually takes place in late September or early October.It is built around a central event (e.g banquet) and consists of a football game,activities for students,parades,coronation of Homecoming Queen and King.

Pladge of allegiance is promise adressed to the United States and the flag and is used as an oath in childhood education.It was composed by Rear Admiral George Balch(1887),revised by Francis Bellamy(1892) and was formally adopted by the Congress which gave the name in 1945.In 1954 the words ''to God'' were added.Some parents are against this thing,because they don't believe in God and they don't want they children to be forced to believe on God.That's why in some States the Pledge of Allegiance is not been reciet anymore.

After-school activities are hosted by many elementary,middle and high schools and are provided by community centres or by for-profit businesses.Organization and management vary from country to country,depend on cultular background.

It's called semi-formal dance which is normally held near the end of senior year(last year of high school).Prom King and Prom Queen titles are awarded to students elected in school-wide vote.

There are different kind of violences like:
physical violence(e.g student-on-student fighting);
psychological violence(e.g verbal abuse);
sexual violence(e.g sexual harrassment);
forms of bullying(e.g cyberbullying) and
carrying weapons in school.A serious problem in recent decades in many countries is involving weapons.Sometimes there is violence between school students as well as physical attacks by students on school staff.

German high schools can offer you more subjects than the american high schools.The breaks between classes are longer in Germany and there are also breakfast breaks and lunch breaks.In american high schools there is mostly just one long lunch break.
American high schools offer much more after school activities than the german high schools so there are so many oportunities for pupils and students like sports(e.g football,basketball,bowling) ,art and performing activities,test preparation,outdoor education etc.84
We don't have any promises adressed to the state or flag and I find it better so.In my opinion is Prom the best thing about the american high school.Students can have fun and spent some unforgettable hours together.
A very negative point in american high schools is the violence.Pupils feel safer in german schools because here are not so many violence problems at schools and for me this is one of the most important things during the school time, to be safe and to feel comfortable there.

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