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American Sniper - Referat

1. General
The movie is an Autobiographical war film about the life of Chris Kyle. It is based on the book of: “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History“, which is written by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen an Jim DeFelice. The movie takes about 132 minutes and the director and producer is Clint Eastwood.

2. Character
2.1. Chris Kyle
Chris, who is played by Bradley Cooper, was born in April 8, 1974 and murdered in February 2, 2013. He is the most successful sniper in America, with 160, of 255, officially confirmed kills. So he became the nickname “Legend“. He grew up hunting with his father. Here he already showed special skills for an sniper. As a jung man he became a professional Rodeo-Cowboy and he joined the Military in 1998. There he went to a special training at U.S. Navy SEALs. In 2001 he met his wife, Taya, in a bar and they married in 2002. His first tour, which was shortly after the Wedding, was after the September 11 attacks in 2001. Altogether he had four tours in Iraq War, which are about 1000 days.

2.2. Taya Renae Kyle
Taya, who is played by Sienna Miller, is the wife of Chris and they have two kids together. A boy and a girl. Taya actually never wanted to marry a soldier because her sister was already betrayed by one once. Taya did not have a really easy life because it was hard for her to life with an soldier because of the distractions of Kyle’s memories

2.3. The Butcher
The Butcher, who is played by Mido Hamada, an German actor with Egyptian roots, is the second-hand of the leader of al-Qaeda. He tortures people in bad and crazy ways and that is the reason why he is called The Butcher. He is also an enemy of Chris Kyle.

2.4. Mustafa
Mustafa, who is played by Sammy Sheik, an Egyptian actor, is the best sniper in Iraq and so an enemy of Chris Kyle, too. Mustafa was also a former Olympic player.

3. Plot
3.1. First Tour
On his first tour Chris earns the nickname “Legend“ because he killed many enemies in a short time. He was commissioned to hunt for the leader of al-Qaeda. They had a plan to come to “The Butcher“, who is the second-hand of the leader of al-Qaeda, but the plan goes wrong because Chris was detained by another sniper, who was Mustafa.
When he returns home his son is born but Chris is distracted by memories of War.

3.2. Second Tour
Going to his second tour he is promoted to Chief Petty Officer. On this tour he make it to kill The Butcher in a shoot-out.
When he returns home again her baby-girl is born, too. But it is still not easy for him to integrate home life.

3.3. Third Tour
At Kyle´s third tour Mustafa hurts a unit-member of Chris so they go back to their camp. But deciding to return and finish he mission another unit-member is killed by gunfire.
Home again Chris visited the unit-member, who was hurt, in the hospital. He also went to the funeral of the unit-member who got killed, with his wife.

3.4. Fourth Tour
/> On his fourth and last tour Chris has the possibility to shot Mustafa down. But it would be too dangerous to take the shot because the unit is placed on a rooftop inside enemy territory. Nonetheless he decides to take the shot, which is also risky because the distance between Chris and Mustafa is about 2000 meters, and Mustafa finally dies. But the shot reveals the units position and so they're attacked by enemies. After a long gunfight hey manage to escape during a sandstorm.
After Chris went back home again a Veteran Psychiatrist asks him if he is haunted by the things he did in war but Chris said that he don't regret any thing he did or any shot he took, he regret that he couldn't save more people. In any case he finally starts to integrate in home life by helping other veterans.

3.5. Ending
The movie ends with the dead of Chris Kyle in February 2, 2013. The last thing we can see on the screen is the line “Chris Kyle was killed that day by a veteran he was trying to help.“ fallowed by a commemoration event in AT&T or rather Cowboys Stadium.

4. Differences between book and movie
In the movie Mustafa is just another version of another sniper who was not killed by Kyle. In the book he wrote: “I never saw him, but other snipers later killed an Iraqi sniper we think was him.“
The Butcher is also another version of an murderer named Abu Deraa.
In the movie Kyle joined the military after he saw the bombings in 1998 in Africa at Tv-News which is not right because Kyle joined the military after his rodeo career he decided to cancel college and join military.
You also can see that Chris calls with her wife on his tours, also during shoot-outs. Chris called her wife during the gunfire in fourth tour to say her that he had enough from war for example, which is unrealistic. Only once a building was attacked while Chris was in it and calling with her wife.

5. Own Opinion
I liked the movie a lot because it was interesting to see how a soldier lives and how he copes with all the things he did and see. I chose the movie because it was the most successful movie in 2014.

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