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Ambiguity of Belonging - Referat

As a start, it is important to define what the ambiguity of belonging is. Belonging is dynamic and formed of different facets and aspects of your personality and identity. It is an important feeling that contributes to your happiness and self-esteem. Ambiguity means that there is no simple way to regard it.
Most of the people struggling with their personality or depression do not have a strong sense of belonging and suffer from feeling alone. Their seeking for belonging can lead to extremism in some cases like Nazi-Germany, right extremism in some European countries or Islamic terrorism. People who suffer from loneliness are easier targets for those people. By taking a look at our history we see, how important it is to have a democracy, a system of separation of powers (checks and balances) and human rights. We cannot change the past, because it has already happened but we can focus on our future. Looking at the past to create a new future is the main principle here. In the European Union, it has become a contradictious point that some member states are wanting (and trying) to become more independent and free. Especially the Brexit has shown (or is showing) how one simple thought can separate a whole country and continent.

Going on with the thought of freedom, uprisings during Hitler's time of reign and acts of resistance have shown that we cannot live suppressed under one dictator without a chance of fulfilling our dreams. This has also led the pilgrims in 1620 to emigrate to America ad to build a political system, without one leader, but many separated forces. Unity can exist without a dictatorship as many nations have proven. The USA, the first "real" and modern democracy is a great example of that. Patriotism can contribute to our sense of belonging that many people are looking for. This unity does not have to be between people from one nation, people from two nations can also be (re)united.

In 1989, November 9th to be exact the wall between eastern and western Germany was taken down. One of the few peaceful demonstrations against the leaders of Communist Eastern Germany (belonging to the Sowjet Union) has led to Germany being united again- until today! This historical event changed the face of Europe until now. About four years later, in November 1993 the contract for the European Union was signed (by the founding countries). Ever since more states have joined and it has a positive effect on us. Citizens of the member states are allowed to cross borders without showing their passports, move, study and work in which country they want and many more.

As a person who grew up in Europe used to peace and no borders between European member states you take all of that for granted. As soon as you are trying (or considering) living without all of this you will realize soon how important this pact is. Because of this pact, we can experience something that has never been there before: 70 years of peace and the security of human rights, freedom, the possibility to learn different languages and to make international friends (even in school) in programs like Erasmus+ or exchanges. Unfortunately, this is not normality for everyone. In Hongkong or Columbia people who demonstrate have to fear being arrested or injured because the right to demonstrate is not assured to them by law. Governments suppress people and restrict their freedom and we can be happy that we have rights and do not have to fear being arrested for sharing our opinion. Longing for things like (political) freedom in today's society is something very sad
because history should have taught us by now that war, suppression or slavery are deadly and after pushing people to their limits they will respond by initiating riots or upheavals. People have to stop obeying the law and start fighting for their rights if they want to achieve something.

If this is unsuccessful or wars keep going on sometimes people have to flee like in 2015 when refugees from Africa started leaving their home countries, looking for a better future in Europe. Nobody should grow up in a homicidal surrounding! When Hitler reigned in Germany Jews faced a situation similar to the refugees today. They were banned from social life and their only chance to change that and to survive was by fleeing. Also, people not accepting his ideology killed, families split up and many disabled people killed. Growing up in the 16th century, religious freedom was not normal. That was one of the reasons why the Pilgrims left Great Britain to start a new life in America. In 1620 the Mayflower arrived in America and a new life, nation and society was founded. Democracy, religious freedom and individual rights were some of the main differences to the British constitution.

In our time we have another problem that is endangering thousands of species including humans: Climate change. A war can cost many lives but climate change can cost all. Every Friday students from all over the world miss school to demonstrate for a better future. We should not only be proud for what our economy has achieved and what we learned from history- it is also important to take care about our future. Now what do I want to tell you? Be proud of what our nations have reached and which obstacles we have overcome. Never forget our history and spread the importance of democracy and the European Union. And in the end be grateful for what you have and never, ever take it for granted! I think we are blessed to be living in Germany during a time where we do not have to fear the government, you are allowed to express your feelings and your opinion freely. Nevertheless, there are still people living in countries where that is not the case. They are facing enormous obstacles, fearing their lives while we have the freedom to do what we like, love who we want and say whatever comes to our mind!

Thank you, history and all heroes who had the courage, to step up and change the world to a wonderful place!

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