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Allianz Arena - Referat


The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the north of Munich in Germany. On October 21, 2002 there was a vote if the Olympic Stadium should be reconstructed or if the new arena should be built. But the reconstruction of the Olympic Stadium was refused by the architect Günther Behnisch. The construction of the new arena with the architect Herzog & de Meuron started in the autumn of 2002 and was completed by the end of April 2005. The construction of the arena costed ca. 365 Million Euro. It has room for 69.901 people, there is standing room for 13.769 people, 2.151 businessseats and 1.374 VIP Loge seats. The Outside of the Allianz Arena can have different colours in the night. It is blue when 1860 München is playing in the arena, and it is red when FC Bayern München is playing and white when the German National Team is playing.

The opening of the stadium was on May 30, 2005. The first match between TSV 1860 München and 1.FC Nürnberg was on that day. The match ended 3 – 2 for 1860 München. On the next day there was a match between FC Bayern München and the German National Team. FC Bayern München won 4 – 2. On November 5 the first goal in a league game in the Allianz Arena was scored by Miroslav Klose who was a player of Werder Bremen. It happened in the first minute of the play. At the end the final score was 3 – 1 and FC Bayern won.

In the year 2006 the Fifa World Cup was in Germany. Six matches took place in the Allianz Arena. The German National Team had two matches in the Arena. At this time the arena didn`t have any sponsor, so the name of the arena at the Fifa World Cup was Fifa WM Stadion München. Germany won both matches. The first one was against Costa Rica. It ended 4 – 2 for the National Team. The second one was against Sweden. The final score was 2 – 0.

In 2012 it will be the venue for the Champions league final.

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