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Alkoholismus - 2.Version - Referat


1. alcoholism (in general)
2. effects and damages of alcohol
3. alcohol in society
4. Drunk Driving in Germany/ America

1. Alcoholism (in gerneral)
People understand under alcoholism alcohol poisoning and drunkenness. No other behaviour pattern introduces so many medical, social and juridical problems like the consumption of alcohol. About eighty percent of all committed punishable actions are committed under the influence of alcohol.

2. effects and damages of alcohol
After the consumption larger amounts of alcohol the thinking, the perception and the language is made worse. Some people will become depressively others aggressively under the influence of the drink. Other results of the alcohol can be:
Attention disturbances, consciousness disturbances. In higher tins it comes to apnea and to hypothermia. The alcohol from more than four per thousands in the blood often leads to the death. The consumption of alcohol makes worse brain and nervous system. Already by the single drunkenness appear blackouts.

3. alcohol in society
Alcoholism is hid in our society and is edged out. Per head the Germans consume about 10 litres of pure alcohol in the year. A lot is drunk in all social layers and age groups. But just among the youngsters the girls catch up. They often step in with „Alcopops“. Among the boys it is mostly a masculinity proof, a lot to "stand " or to compete together in "fight drinking". Only from the youngsters at the age less than sixteen years in Germany twenty percent had during the last 12 months already an alcohol drunkenness. In Germany we have about ten million alcohol-consuming people, who stand shortly before the dependence and 1.7 million depends on alcohol.

4. Drunk Driving in Germany/America
Every year 40,000 people die in Europe by traffic accidents under the influence of alcohol. In Germany are most of the drunk drivers. When you drive in Germany under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you must pay 3000 euro fine. Every tenth driver in Germany drinks more than allowed.
Sabine Bätzig
(SPD) wants to cover an alcohol ban at the wheel.
In the USA Drunk Driving is a serious offence and you can get in a prison fastly.In most federal states counts 0.8 per thousands limit. In about twelve federal states they request from drivers less than twentyone years zero thousandth.(Zero-Tolerance Laws)!

Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a parental organisation in the USA which is against the motoring in the alcoholized state. The group was founded in 1980 by Candy Lightner from California under the name Mothers Against Drunk Driving, after her 13-year-old daughter Cari had been killed by an alcoholized driver caused traffic accident.

The purposes of the union are:
* the increase of the legal prison sentences
* the subsidence of the allowed drink-drive-limit
* more help to road casualty
* high taxes for alcoholic drinks

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