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Alices Adventures in Wonderland - Referat

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

is a work of children’s literature written by the British author Lewis Carroll.

There are three important characters in the book: There are Alice, the white rabbit and the queen of hearts.

Alice is a fictional character in the book.
She is wearing a blue knee-length dress with a white overtop.
Her blond hair is held back with a wide black bow.

The White rabbit doesn’t recognize other animals or people and he always is in a hurry and is much stressed.

The Queen of Hearts’ most famous line in the book is “Off with their heads!” which she shouts very often.
The Queen demands that everything is perfect, and, if for some reason, something goes wrong, you can be sure anyone will be sentenced to be beheaded.

A little girl named Alice is bored while she is on a picnic with her older sister who is reading a book.
Alice finds interest in a white rabbit, dressed in a coat and muttering “I’m late!”, whom she follows down a rabbit-hole.
She falls down the hole deeper and deeper.
After a while she landed in a large corridor with many doors and all of them are closed.
Suddenly Alice hears a voice; the voice of one of the door handles which told her to drink out of a bottle which is on a small table.
That’s what Alice does.
Because of this special liquid in it, Alice gets smaller and smaller. Now she is too small to reach the key to unlock the door.
Alice began to cry. She cries a lot, and so there appeared a big lake.
The big lake of her tears helps her to get through the keyhole.
As the lake disappears, Alice starts to look for white rabbit, and after a while she finds it. He still runs and mutters “The queen, the queen, I have to go to the queen.”
He is in a really big hurry.
Alice can’t run as fast as the rabbit, and so she lost
him again.
On her way round the strange country, she experiences lots of things like a crazy cat with a big smile and a never-ending tea party.
After a long walk through a big flower garden, Alice meets the two game cards which are painting white roses red. Alice asks them why they are doing that and they answered her that the queen wants to have red roses, otherwise they would lose there heads. As the queen appears, Alice was a bit cheeky to hear and so the queen orderd to cut off Alice’s head. But in last minute Alice found in her pocket a mushroom which a small caterpillar gave her. Because of this magic plant she grows to her normal size and now she don’t has to worry about the small cards and the small queen.
Suddenly the girl feel leaves on her face and then she hear her sister who said her name and so she woke up from her fantastic dream.

Most children love the story of Alice’s dream because they have lots of fantasy to feel the story.

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