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Alexander Klaws - Referat

I decided to write a report about Alexander Klaws, because he is a famous singer and he is very good looking.
Alexander Klaws was born on September 3 rd 1983 in Ahlen/Westfalen. Now he lives in Sendenhorst with his family. In Alex´s family there are his father Richard, his mother Hildegard and his sister Melanie. He is 1.84 m tall, has short light brown hair and green- blue eyes. His starsign is virgo. Alexander likes music, friends and many other sports but football is his favourite sport. Alex had to repeat the class 9 because he was too bad in maths. That´s why he hates mathes. At the moment he is single.

Now I tell you about the day the Germans found their superstar.

On March 8 th, 2003 Rtl made entertainment history in Germany. It was the biggest German talent search of all times, ..Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. No other event has fascinated the people between the island of Sylt and Garmisch Partenkirchen as much as this tv show. Almost 13 Million viewers were eager to see two remaining contestants who fought themselves though countless preliminaries, in their final battle: Juliette or Alexander?? As exciting the search for the most talented and promising German new entertainment talent has been, as clear was the final decision on this one Saturday in March. More than 70 per cent gave their vote to the smart 19 year old Alexander Klaws. He took both the jury and viewers by storm that night with his great voice and a professional performance. The German had found their superstar.

Some songs are:
- Take me tonight
- Free like the wind
- Sunshine after the rain
- Behind the sun
- Stay with me

His book is:
- Ich bin´s Alexander

I´d like to meet him, but unfortunately I’ve never had the chance.

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