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wir haben das thema alcohol in englisch durchgenommen und es war auch teil des schularbeitsstoffes, dabei hab ich diesen text geschrieben, vl hilfts ja jemandem weiter


Alcohol was the fourth leading couse of death in 1999. Alcohol can cause many problems, such as live damage, accidents, unsafe sex and violence. One of the highest legal minimum drinking age is in the USA. You are allowed to drink alcohol, when you have passed the age of 21. This has saved thousands of lives, although teenagers disagree this rule. They say, they can vote, buy a house and they can marry before they are allowed to drink alcohol. Many teenager drink alcohol illegally, because they think that they woll have a better time, if they are drunken. But teenagers under the age of 21 are often less capable of judging how much the can drink. For example: The 19-year-old Daniel poisend himself by drinking too much alcohol, in 2002. A big problem at universitied is binge drinking, but now at Georgetown University in Washington DC all the names of the students who cisit the bar for 100 consecutive days are made public. Another problem with alcohol is heavy drinking amongst women. Female bodies canít cope with so much alcohol as male bodies can. Alcohol can harm the baby of a pregnant woman.
But alcohol companied are unfortunatly a powerful lobbying force. Gouverments are not willing anymore to raise awareness of the risks. George Bush himself does not want to talk about alcohol, maybe because of his and his familyís experienced with alcohol. The U.S had pleged $180 millions this year on national youth anti drug campaign but none of them has protested against alcohol.

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