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Alaska - 2.Version - Referat

Climate: In complete Alaska rules permafrost. Only in summer a little part of the ice melts. But if you think Alaska is a ice box, you are wrong. It has very different climate zones.

Landscape: If you are a nature-boy, you can find all you have ever dreamed of. The natives call their country ‘’Alyeska’’, that means ‘Big Land’. This name stands for ice-blue glaciers, wild rivers, thundering waterfalls, woods, fjords and endless tundras. You can search a really natural wonder? You can choose between coastal rainforest, wild rock formations of the mountain regions, the tundra or the polar region.

Capital: Juneau is the capital of Alaska, and its population is about 30.711 people. Your wife wants to go shopping, but you are more interested in exploring wildlife or visiting the grandeur of Alaska’s glaciers? No Problem! In this city she can find a lot of shops with gifts, that are unique and Alaskan. During this time you can do your thing. You see, this country is the ideal connection of sightseeing, adventures and activities. Take care! Juneau can only be reached by plane or ship.

Population: Alaska has 655,000 inhabitants. There are 69.3% of whiteness, 15.6% of Indians, approx. 50,000 Indians, the Aleutian Islands and Indians, 4.1% Hispanics, 4.0% of Asians, 3.5% of Afro-Americans, 0.5% of Hawaiians and from other Pacific Islands. There are 221,600 households.
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