Al Gore - Referat


* 31st March 1948 in Washington DC

- Childhood in Tennessee / Washington DC
- University in Nashville, Tennessee. Studied theology and law, without degree
- 1970 Marriage with Mary Elizabeth Aicheson
- 4 children Karenna (1973), Kristin (1977), Sarah (1979) und Albert III. (1982)

1977-1985 Congressman in representative chamber,
afterwards Senator for Tennessee
1988 failed candidature for president
1993-2001 Vice-president of United States ( Bill Clinton)

2000 – ELECTION Bush vs. Gore
- Both were under the 50%-mark (48,4% Gore – Bush only 47,9%)
- It all depended on Florida ( 25 electors)
- Counting in Florida was catastrophic  ballot papers were unclear, counting machines were out-of-date
- Finally, Bush came off as winner
- Gore’s lawyers went to Supreme Court of Florida – wanted the counting to be cancelled and new countings.
- Supreme Court of Florida: New Countings were permitted
- Supreme Court of US decided otherwise: No new Countings
 25 Electors to Bush, who became with 271 against Gore’s 266 Electors US-President.

- Movie about global warming and its dangers
- Gore wants us to be more responsible with the nature
- 2 Oscars: Best Documentary and Best Song (“I need to wake up” of Melissa Etheridge)
- Gore’s conclusion: Global warming isn’t just a political issue, but the hugest ethical challenge for the habitants of the planet.

LIVE EARTH – 7 continents, 7th July 2007, 24 hours
- Concerts all over the world – given by legends of Rock, Pop, for example: Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi and Linkin Park
- wants to call our attention to global warming and the new environment movement “Save our selves” (SOS)

- October 2007: Prize for pointing to climate crisis and the global dangers


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