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Thousands of African Americans donít know they are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. HIV can live in the body for years before causing symptoms. But the longer HIV goes untreated, the harder it becomes to control. If you are infected, discovering HIV
through a test and treating the virus with medicines are the only ways to reduce the amount of HIV in your body Ė and that can help you live a longer, healthier life.

December 1st is world aids day. The aim of which is to promote awareness and education about the virus. Unlike much of the developed world africa isnít managing to control the spread of aids with education and drugs. The United Nations Aids Comission claims that in Africa millions of people die every year. So many skilled workers between the ages of 20 and 50 are dieing. James Wolfensen head of the world bank claims that aids could thust africa back into the past. This would make it even poorer and there would be even fewer recources and take care of those who are orphant. In africa when a childs parent die, grandparents usually bring the child up. This has become almost impossible due to the large number of children now in need of help. In these cases the community is often expected to support the children emotinally and financially. They often end up homeless and uneducated, many of them antisocial, malmorished or ill, as the problems grow the worse the future of africa.
If children donít attend school they wonít learn lifeskills or about the dangers of aids. Many will turn to crime, girls often resort to prostituation to feed themselfes. This cycle causes aids to spread even more. Many orphans have the aids virus themeselves but donít release it, others become infected due not taking precautions. American pharmacential companies refuse to drop the price of their products but as the graveyards show africans are dying without them.

The AIDS virus infects 11 people evrey minute. HIV can also be in the breast milk of infected woman and can be past on their babies. Raising money for AIDS charity will help valuable aids work to continue as well as raising awareness. Quite simply helping AIDS charites will save peoples life. Without drug treatment HIV usually progresses to AIDS in an average of 10 ten years. HIV is found in the blood and the sexual fluids of an infected person
and in the breast milk of infected woman.

Ways in which you can be infected with HiV:

v Having unprodected sexual intercourse with an infected person
v Contact with an infected persons blood
v Use of infected blood products
v Injecting drugs

Each year there is a practicular theme choosen for world aids day. Woman, girls, HIV and AIDS was the theme of the 2004 world aids day. 40,4 million people in the world have Aids. Almost 2/3 of these live in sub-saharan africa. 13,2 million children are aids orphans. 92% of theses aids orphans live in sub-saharan africa. The Aids virus infects 11 people every minute. 10 of these are in africa. The red ribbon is the internation symbol for aids awareness.

Since the 80s researcher do researches and hope to display a vaccine against the virus. But until now the chances for healing aids stand bad. The reason is the changeableness of the virus. A vaccine for the production of antibody against the surface of the virus fails because the surface changes while the mutations of the virus. Still there are a large number of vaccines in development. But a vaccine will not prevent the infection of HIV. Probably people who got inoculate can be infected but the virus will be softer. At the moment there is a study in hermany but until now nobody knows anything exactly.

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