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Advertising - Referat

Before speaking over advertising, we must clarify, first of all, the term "advertising".
Advertising, a section of the distribution is in the industrial management.
All measures which aim at making products better known and increasing the sale from products with that are designated as advertising.
With the advertising enterprises make their products and services with the aid of advertising instruments in public known.
In this case should with the respective potential attention buyer category for a product or a service excites and to be woken the purchase interest.
Nowadays there is to much advertising.
You can watch it on TV, hear it in the radio, read it in newspapers and magazines.
Furthermore there are also hoardings on the roads witch distract drivers attention and they can make accidents.
I would like to discuss this topic.
I agree that the advertising could be helpful.
For example for people who have not got time to do shopping and who are not able to spend much money.
It is also useful to inform the customers about a new product and helps people to find out the for them best product.
In Fact the advertising increases sales of products and lowers the prices.
However, on the other hand I become even furious when I watch a very interesting programme on TV and it is interrupted by two or three commercial brakes within an hour.
Nevertheless I do not believe everything what the advertising would like to sell us.
It seems to me that the media exaggerates with the advertising.
Certainly there are advantages and disadvantages with the advertising.
Some advantages are, that without the advertising newspapers and magazines would be much expensive, that would go back sale and TV programs could not be formed anymore so beautifully.
Some disadvantages are, that everything what we buy through the advertising becomes approximately three per cent expensive and we through the advertising buy more than we need.
One of the most beautiful advertising which is does not disturb myself we find on now all internet pages.
This advertising is called advertising-exorcists.
This advertising is almost always visible but it does not disturb us.
We need the advertising in order to persuade people.
Money which is spend for the advertising could be spend better for the improvement of the products.
At the end I would like still say that with every product, which we buy, we finance the advertising of the enterprises.

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