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Advantages and disadvantages of science - Referat

Advantages and disadvantages of science

As we all know, our live like it is now could not exist without science. We need and use it everywhere and every time. Just think about what would be, if we do not have our cell phones or computers. These are things we use in our every day life. And there are much more ways for communication and connecting to others. This technology and other technology like that we are using at home are advantages of science. For using this, we need energy and electricity, which are made by nature or by machines created by humans. To build the machines, there is a need of people who invent and create them, so there are new jobs in for example laboratories. In these laboratories are also made big steps in medicine, so we get older and can live without diseases that were once widespread.
But that is not all: Thanks to science and technology, we now know more about our world and space like ever before, and we are getting to know more and more each day. And just think about traveling. Newer days we can go to every place around the world without any big problems. Also we can get food and other thinks from around the world more easier because of the better ways of transport.

But we should not only praise the science. There are also many disadvantages. Just take the ways to become the energy we need. There are environment friendly methods like hydro and solar energy to gain the required energy, but unfortunately there are still today used rather the polluting methods like coal-fired power plants, nuclear plants and so on. Especially nuclear power is still very controversial and should be abolished, but that is a long expensive process. That there is a need to abolish this, we see if we just look back in time: Catastrophes like Chernobyl and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed already how dangerous it is to use nuclear power.
The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki while the second world war show also the danger
of advanced weapon technology. With this technology there are more possibilities for war. And a war can be triggered if for example different countries fight about valuable resources, which are more and more important. The ways to become these resources are also not as safe as some people think. A current example that shows how dangerous it is for the environment to become these resources is the disaster in the golf of Mexico.
There are also people who abuse animals for experiments, so we are safe if we take our medicine or put our make-up on.

All in all, science have many advantages and disadvantages. What will happen to us and our world in the future because of the progress of science and technology can nobody know for sure. The only thing we know for sure is that a life without modern science is inconceivable.

1.advantages:Vorteile; 2.disadvantages:Nachteile; 3.diseases:Krankheiten; 4.widespread: weitverbreitet; 5.to praise:loben; 6.hydro energy:Wasserkraft; 7.coal-fired power plants: Kohlekraftwerke; 8.triggered:verursacht; 9.valuable resources:wertvolle Ressourcen;
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