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18th August, 1949 the shoemakers master Adolf Dassler founded the adidas Ltd.With the profit of the world champion's title by the German national team with the football world championship in 1954 in Bern, the so-called miracle of Bern, the football boots from the house adidas became known worldwide.

The German team used Adi Dasslers football boots
with which the tunnels could be exchanged what was
at that time a revolution. The enterprise puma of Dasslers brother Rudolf, with the Adi Dassler at first in an OHG co-operated, was long time one of the most sharp competitors with sports shoes.

Both companies produced the whole range in sports shoes for a huge number of sports. Adidas produced increasingly also other sports articles, at first footballs, from 1967 also sports clothings. When Dassler passed away in 1978, the enterprise which was meanwhile a world market leader for sports article was continued by his family. Although the production was shifted increasingly in cheap wage lands, came adidas in the middle of the 1980s to an economic skew position, the family enterprise had to be opened for investors foreign to families. In 1990 the family Dassler sold 80 percent participation in the French enterpriser Bernard Tapie.

After the enterprise traded at first as adidas Internationally of holding company Ltd, it was converted in 1993 into adidas AG umfirmiert and into a corporation. In 1995 the stocks adidas were placed on the stock exchange in Frankfurt. In 1997 took over adidas the French sports article manufacturer Salomon S.A for about 2.5 milliard euros, from now on the enterprise adidas-Salomon AG was called.

The union with the enterprise mainly focused on winter sports should raise the range of the assortment, indeed, the acquisition turned out business involving heavy losses. Salomon was pushed off in 2005 to the Finnish admirals of sport corporation for 485 Mil. euros. Subsequently Reebok, the present number three of the sports article branch took over adidas the American competitors for 3.1 Bn. euros.
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