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Abraham Lincoln - 2.Version - Referat

When Abraham Lincoln was a Child.

He passed his younger days in this house in Hodgenville.
Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February 1809 in Hodgenville.His parents Thomas Lincoln and Nacy Lincoln were farmers. They both came from Verginia. Thomas Lincolns forefathers had settled from Wails to America. He had got an older sister Sarah and a younger brother Thomas (jun.), but he died suddenly after his birth. In the year 1816 Thomas Lincoln went with his family to Little Pigeon Creek. Two years later, Abrahams mother died. 1819 Thomas Lincoln married the widdow Sarah Bush Johnston. She took tree children with her. For Abraham, she was almost like his real moher. Untill he was 19 years, he helped his father on the farm.

Lincolns advacement

In the year 1832 Lincton took part in a battle against the Indians, but he didnīt use violence. He was chosen to captain. He could talk very well. So he was purposed to president. The first time , it faild, but the second time, he was chosen to president in the year 1834. He was president till 1842.

Lincolns family

In the year 1842 he married Mary Todd. She came from a rich family in the south, her parents had got big plantations and ther were slaves on it. They had got four children. But only their son Roberd survived his younger days. The other three died very early, when they were children. Robert Lincoln was a minister of war from 1881 till 1885.

While Abraham Lincoln was a president

Before Abraham Lincolns thime as president, in the north more and more people wanted to abolish the slavery. So the southern states like Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Missisipi and Louisian went out from the union. They were afraid, that when they stay in the union, some new laws about the slavery were made, und they must give up their plantations. When Lincoln was chosen to president, he sayd to the states in the south, that he wonīt take violence, but he had to break that problem. In his discourse he saied: "The ruling about the civil war is in your hands.
If you wont attack my country, I wonīt do you anything". Abraham Lincoln wanted to use no violence. He wanted make something where the north and the south were agreeable. But the south attaced the north. And so Abraham Lincoln must conter. On the 21th Juny 1861, he got his first defeat. Lincoln wanted to save the union and to save the slaves. He thaught, when he save the slaves, thei would help him to save the union. On the 1th January 1863 the law says, that in every state in the USA no slavery is allowed. The southern states couldent win the war with her own erergy. They only hoped, that Abraham Lincoln wonīt be chosen a second time. But he was chosen a second time. The end of the civil war he hadenīt
alive. When he was in a theater, an actor
shoot him in his head. One day later the 16th president of the USA died in the hospital. It was on the 15th April 1865.
Until now he is one of the famous presidents in the United States of America.

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