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About A Boy - Referat

The title of my book is


It is written by NICK HORNBY, who was born 1957. He grew up in north London and he studied English at Cambridge University. He worked as a teacher and journalist, before he was starting to write fiction.

This is the story about a boy, who’s name is MARCUS. He is twelve years old and is having many problems at home and at school. He lives with his mum FIONA in London, because she is divorced from his father, called CLIVE.
At school he has no friends,, because he is very shy. All kids laughs at him, because he wears the wrong trousers, the wrong shoes and the wrong haircut.

The second main character is a thirty-six years old man, calls Will Freeman. He never had a job in his live, because he has enough money from his father. The whole day he read quite a lot, is watching TV, and he always changes his girlfriends. He doesn’t like children, but he behaves more like a child than like a grown-up.

Marcus and Will meet under by a picnic and Marcus kills a duck. Will helps him and tells the park-keeper, that the duck was dead, before Marcus threw a big sandwich on it.
Marcus has big problems in school and with his mum. She is depressive and one day she tries to kill herself. So Marcus is very afraid, that his mother dies and he is alone. So he begins to visit Will every day, and a funny friendship starts. As Will meets a woman called Rachel, he falls in love with her. She has a son and Will says her, he also have a son: Marcus. But a few weeks later he tells her the truth.
Will helps Marcus to integrate in his school: he buys him new adidas-trainers. Marcus cuts his hair and wears other clothes. He likes Elli, a girl in his class very much. She is a fan of Kurt Cobain, a singer, who shoots himself. Then she is very sad and Marcus tries to help her in her sadness.
At the end Marcus has enough friends and Will wants to marry Rachel.

I found this book very funny and interesting I liked the friendship about Marcus and Will, because Will helped Marcus, and I liked how Marcus helped Will to find a point in his life.
I can recommend everybody to read this book too!

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