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Aborigines - 4.Version - Referat

Today I’d like to tell you something about the Aborigines and the way they live like. Most scientists believe that the first Aborigines appeared 40.000 years ago. The tribes spoke over 300.00 different languages, but today there are only about 50 because when the white men came they were forced to speak English and weren’t allowed to talk in there own language. The Aborigines are nomads, that means that hey move from place to place and they’re hunters and collectors. They don’t think they own the land they live on.
There population layed between 300.000 and 1 million before the whites came, but today there live only about 300.000 in Australia.

Now I have some facts about what happend, when the whites came:
Before it was explored, Australia was seen as Terra Nullis, this means the land of nobody.
The first european exploring Eastern Australia was „Captain James Cook“, who went there in 1770 with some scientists to study new plants and animals.
In 1836, the white settlers wanted more land, so they took the land of the Aborigines. The rights the natives had before were no longer valid and they were treated like an inferior race or like animals, and no longer as humans. The Aborigines were forced to leave there land and were poisend, hunted and shot dead by the white just out of fun.

The situation first went better for them in 1961. They were allowed to vote, the Aborigines was given ful equaly and later the seperation of races in schools was overrided.

At last I want to tell you some things about there culture:
The Aborigines have a very old tradition and a lot of holy places like f.e. Ayer’s rock, that is called „Uluru“ by the natives. Every Native has a totem and he’s not allowed to eat or hunt this animal, because he has to treat it like a human or a friend.
The Aborigines also have a lot of dances. Each dance tells a story, f.e. the story of the dreamtime, that discribes how the world was build and animals and humans were created.

Today most Aborigines are unemployed and have no real home. Many don’t know to where they belong and feel neither at home in the city nor in the country.
The few who have a job work in the mining industry or in the tourism centre.

And this is what I wanted to say about the Aborigines.

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