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Aborigines - 3.Version - Referat

ich muss bald ein Referat über die Aborigines halten
ich hab mir meinen Text schon geschrieben und auf Englisch übersetzt
wäre net wenn ihr mir meine Fehler verbessern könnten
cu Manu :D

The Aborigines generally
The natives of Australia are the Aborigines. They're one of the oldest population
in the world. The word 'Aborigine' means "the first" or "earliest known". The Aborigines settle
down in Australia between 30.000 to 70.000 years but it's difficult to say when it exactlly happened.
They've a brown to deep black skin. The word 'Aborigine' was taken for the first time in 1770 by
James Cook ,a British sailor and other expolrers who went to Australia.

The catastrophes started when the Europeans arrived. They didn't just take weapones made
of metal with their ships also sickness and animals. The farmers started building large farms
and keeping animals there. The white settlers take more and more land away because they saw
Australia as a rich country for farming, agriculture and animals. To survive the Aborigines bagan
to steal and so they got conflicts with the farmers who almost won the fights and battles.
Many Aborigines were killed and the remaining were forced to adopt the british way of
life. They were forced to work as helping hand at farms owned by whites or move to the
cities to work in industrial factories.
In the year 1860 all over the continent were just 50.000 Aborigines.

The social/economic life
The Aborigines were fisher, hunter and collector.
They lived in groups. Each group was named after an animal species.
If a group had become so big that there wasn't enough food for all members
they split this group up into two halves. One had to leave and find a new area.
In many areas the groups were isolated of other because the country wasn't fruitful
enough for a near live together. Every group lived around a sorce of water, which was
their sorce of live.
The men were hunter. The women were collector and carried the biggest part of the food
because the men didn't always catch an animal. The children spent their first years with
their mother but when they got older boys and girls were divided.
The boys learned from the men and the girls from the women.
All of them knew their environment very well.

Before the Europeans arrived almost 200-500 different languages and a lot
dialects were used by the Aborigines.
They couldn't talk with people of other groups because they didn't understand them
but they communicated through a complicated sign language.
The Aborigines also couldn't write. All they knew was retold.
Today only 20-25 of this languages are spoken.

Land- & Citizen Conditions
1938 the Aborigines started to demaonstrate against the discrimination. 1961 the rights
to vote were given to them and they were accepted as citizen for which they had fought.
White Australians found it diffucult to give the natives all the civil rights because they never really
understand them and their way of life. From 1970 on money was spent to give better education.
Ten years later it was allowed to mix classes with Aborigine and Australian children.
Because of this changes in the law the discrimination stopped. In 1998 was the First National
Sorry Day, when people of Australia said sorry to the Aborigines. But at all they haven't
got a lot to say till today.

Decoration and Art
The Aborigines didn't know a writing so their most important expression was their art.
The traditions and histories were drown down. As background they used things like wood,
rocks, stones, cave walls or something else. The painting stood very well over thousand of years
because of the dry climate. Today they are counted to the most valuable art monuments.
There were different motives which were prefered: Circles, wavy lines, people, hunting scenes, ...

The Aborigines also painted their bodies often and likly with different motives.
They had a dark skin coulor so they prefered coulors like white, yellow or red.

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