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Aaliyah - 3.Version - Referat


I’d like to tell something about Aaliyah

Aaliyah was already in young years one of the popular R’n’B-Star in the USA. She’s born in Brooklyn/New York at the 16. January 1979 but Aaliyah Dana Haughton grow up in Detroit.

She get´s her first record deal when she was 15 years old. No other than R.Kelly was producing her first album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” in 1994.

Her uncle Barry Hankerson was her supporter. Aaliyah’s first single “Back and Forth” was fast to see in the Top 10 US Charts and her album became platin.

Everyday was hear some ramours about a wedding between Aaliyah and R.Kelly, they was on the one hand good for the career, but on the other hand they never became true.

Her musicstyle got the name “Street but Sweet”.

In 1996 Aaliyah’s twice Longplayer “One In A Million”, like the same debut than Jive – Records. The producer was Tim Mosley aka Timbaland. This album was more favorite than the first once.
In spite of her triumph’s, Aaliyah was study at the Highschool for the fine and performing Arts in Detroit. She finished her degree with an exicellent average, in 1997.

In the same year Aaliyah apeared on the sountrack for the Fox Animation Studios animated feature Anastasia, sining the pop version of “Journey to the Past”. She had an huge hit in 1998 with “Are You that Somebody”, the main single from Dr.Dolittle sountrack.
In 2000, Aaliyah co-starred with Jet Li in the film “Romeo must Die”. Aaliyah and Timbaland makes the film’s soundtrack and she contirbuted four songs: “Are you felling’ Me?”, “I Don’t Wanna”, “Back In One Piece”, a duet with the Rapper DMX and the international number one hit single “Try Again”.
Aaliyah’s twice film was “Queen of the Damned”, in 2001.

The summer 2001 should be the most musical triumph for Aaliyah. In the meantime she changed to Virgin-Records. At there she published her third Longplayer “Aaliyah”.

About not so many week’s after the publication she dead. Aaliyah died at the Bahamas by an plane crash, Aaliyah was 22 years.

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