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Aaliyah - 2.Version - Referat

I´d like to tell you something about Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

Aaliyah was born on January 16th, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. She was truly an angel from the first day she was born. Her name meant „The highest and most exalted“ in Arabic. When she was five their family moved to Detroit. Aaliyah and her older brother Rashad were best friends, even though they sometimes fought like many brothers and little sisters. Her mother had been a teacher and a singer, but she decided to take care of her family full time. Her father, Michael began working with his brother in law. Aaliyah attended a catholic school. When she was six, her mother noticed her talent to sing. When Aaliyah was in the first grade, she won her first stage role. From that point on, she wanted to perform in show business. Aaliyah was an shy little girl, but on stage, she just came alive. She just liked everything about theater, the singing, the acting and dancing everything was worth it. Aaliyah´s parents completely supported her decision. Pretty soon Aaliyah´s parents began to manage her career. She started to perform at school. Aaliyah was selected to be on Star Search. Her famous uncle Berry Hankerson was married with Gladys Knight. She sang together with Gladys in Las Vegas. Gladys taught her to get along with the public. R.Kelly, a famous R&Bstar, wanted to know how her voice sounded. He then made a deal for Aaliyah to work with R.Kelly. R.Kelly wrote and produced the songs for her album. The album was released in 1994, it was called „Age ain´t nothing but a number“ and even though it was her first album it became a great sucess. Aaliyah´s recording career started when she was 15. During the time of her first album rumors started to spread that Aaliyah and her long time mentor R.Kelly were romantically in love with each other, at the time Kelly was 27, and Aaliyah was 15, but they denied the rumors. In the end Aaliyah and R.Kelly parted ways. In 1996 she wanted to make a solo-career without R.Kelly. In the year of 1996 for her second album „One in a million“ she showed up with a new producer named Timbaland. Her breakthrough was secured. Even though Aaliyah was a mega star she continued to stay grounded. She was still a serious student in high school, she wanted to make sure she got her school work done. She was a perfectionist and a very hard worker at anything she did. Aaliyah could forget all financial troubles. Now that her music career was firmly established, she was ready to work on her acting career. Filming started in 2000 with the release of her first movie „Romeo must die“. The film was published in 2000 and during the first week it became no.1 of the movie charts. She became a famous actress in Hollywood. She also recorded music for the movie and won MTV awards for best video, both for „Try again“. The film producer promised her the main part in Matrix 2 and 3. She also won 2 MTV music awards. She started to make her new movie „Queen of the damned“, she played there the title role as a vampire queen and at the same time she recorded her new album. It was very stressy. Aaliyah wanted to make a little break. About the
month after the album´s release Aaliyah traveled to the Bahamas to film a video for her second single „Rock the boat“ on august 25th. She told the others that she wanted to fly home a little earlier to spend more time with her boyfriend and her family. She had finish shooting the video and was preparing to return back to the States on a small plane. The plane crashed shortly after taking off. Aaliyah and the other passengers were killed instantly. She was burried in a white casket in New York. Aaliyah´s mother let 22 white pigeons fly to symbolize each year she had lived. There were many fans present to show their anticipation. Her last film was released several months later and her third album was just released in July. Both became a very good commercial sucess. She also had some other projects under her belt.

That´s all I have to say about Aaliyah´s life, so let´s turn to Aaliyah´s friends, colleques and fans, who regretted very much about her early death.
Michael Rymer, director of „Queen of the Damned“ for example said:
„The world will never see how her talent would have developped. As an artist she was only getting better.“
Jermaine Dupri:
„The reason she was a star to everybody is that she had her own identity. Nobody else sounded like Aaliyah.“
DMX & Ginuwine:
„Words can never express how I feel. She was much more than a colleque. She is an angel, I´ll pray for her.“
Lisa „Lefteye“Lopes, who died later on, too, said many good things. The best always die too early.“
Janet Jackson:
„One day we will be together again... We will always love you.“

Her own words had been what she wanted people to say when she had been gone for a long time, she wanted people to look at her as a full-on entertainer, and a good person.

The reason of my talk is Aaliyah was a human being, of those only a few are on our world. She was someone very special, somebody who was able to conquer the hearts of her friends and her fans. Her friendliness and her innocent behaviour brought her the nickname „Babygirl“. Her music will stay in our hearts for ever.
Well, that brings me to the end of my talk. Thank you!!

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