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A-Z of Ireland - 2.Version - Referat

An A-Z of Ireland

Agreement of Good Friday
In the year 1998 a peace agreement was signed by the government of Ireland, the government of Great Britain and the partys of Northern Ireland.It relieved the people after these thirty years of violent conflict very much and gave them new hope.
Nothern Irelands capital is called Belfast and the second biggest city of the Irish Isle after Dublin. Its Irish name is Béal Feirste and means mouth of the river Farset.
With its 1041 m the Carrauntoohil is the highest peak in Ireland.
Being the largest city, the place seated on the eastcoast can claim to be not only the capital but also a popular travel destination.
Éire is the Irish name for Ireland itself. Because of its beautiful landscape it is also called the Emerald Isle.
During the 19th century there was a serious famine (The Great Famine) in Ireland, which was the reason why the population strongly diminished.
The language which is spoken in Irland is called Gaeilge. This Indo-European language is now spoken as a first language only by a small minority but is also used as a second language by a larger minority of the Irish people.
Hurling is a team sport of Celtic origin, which is ,together with Gaelic Football, the most popular Irish sport.
Irish Folk
Irish Folk is the name for the world-wide known Irish Traditinoal Music.It is noted for its singing and the fiddles.
James Augustine Aloysius Joyce
James Joyce was a popular Irish writer and poet who died in 1941.
Kylemore Abbey
The Kyle Abbey is the oldest Irish monastery and is located in Galway.
Lough Neagh
Lough Neagh is the biggest sea of the British Isles and the most popular one in Ireland.
Mary McAlees
The Irish journalist and politician is president of Ireland since 1997.
Newgrange is a passage grave, which you can find in the Country Meth. First nobody noticed this grave and it was used as grazing land. Later is was discoverd by its land owner and it was
found out that it was a grave of two people. Now it is possible to visit it.
Oscar Wilde
One of the most popular Irish prominent asthetes, wirters and poets was Oscar Wilde who for example wrote the novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.
Ireland is known for its Pubs, which are little bars where you can get alcoholic drinks.
Ring of Kerry
The probably most beautiful coast road of Europe is called ‚Ring of Kerry’, is 179 km long and is located in the southwest of Ireland.
St Patrick
Patrick/Patricius Maewyn was a priest, who supose to have brought the Chirstianitiy to Ireland.
There are only thirty-one native mammals in Ireland, which I find quite strange, because it has such a nice landscape.
Ulster, located in the north of the island, is the smallest of the four provinces in which Ireland is divided.
Although Ireland is very popular, as well for traveling, it is known for its weather, which is often bad and rainy.
Youth Hostel
In Ireland, you find lots of youth hostels where you can sleep.
The Dublin Zoo is the largest zoo in Ireland and one of Dublin\'s most popular attractions.

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