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ABBA - 6.Version - Referat

1. Who was ABBA
ABBA was a Swedish and one of the most popular pop group in the world. The band consisted from 1972-1982 and sat down on the four members and founders Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson. When they had the first time on the stage, they were very young. Agnetha and Frida were the singers, their two boyfriends and husbands have played guitar and drums. Their four initials A, B, B and A formed the name ABBA.

1.1. Agnetha Fältskog
She was born on the 5. April 1950 in Jönköping. Before and after her time with ABBA she led a very successful solo career. On stage, she met her future husband Bjönr Ulvaeus. With him, she has two children.

1.2. Björn Ulvaeus
He was born on the 25. April 1945. At the age of 18, he came to the Band “West Bay Singers”. On this Band he was The Guitarist. After his aborted Studies he met Benny Andersson and 3 years later Agnetha. Björn and Benny became very close friends. Agnetha und Björn separated in 1978.

1.3. Benny Andersson
He was born on the 16. December 1946. In Sweden, he succeeded with his first band at number 1 in the charts. However, after they went bust with his band, Benny teamed up with Björn.

1.4. Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida)
She was born on the 15. November 1945. She went very early as a solo singer on tour, and there, she met in a small restaurant Benny, her future husband. They get married in 1978.

2. As all started
In 1966 when Björn and Benny had a separate performance on the stage they met the first time. Soon after that, they began writing their own songs together. At the same time Anni- Frid an Agnetha had a solo career. But only two years after that, in 1968 Anni- Frid had a relationship with Benny and Agentha had a relationship with Björn .They all decided to start a career as a pop group. The first common song as a group was called „Hei gamle man“.
On the sixth of April in 1973 ABBA had won the Grand Prix Eurovision in Great Britain with the Song “Waterloo”. This was the beginning of the greatest career in the Swedish pop music.

3. Development
With “SOS” and “Mamma Mia” continues the success. The ABBA- fever also broke out in Australia, there are five ABBA singles in the Top 10! In 1976, the ABBA version of “Fernando” is a bigger hit than any previous. An ABBA TV show in Australia has more viewers than the first moon landing! On the 18 of June, ABBA sings “Dancing Queen” This single reached No. 1 on the American charts. On the 16 of February 1978 was ABBA "The Movie" premiered in London. He conquered the cinema and can comfort the fans a little bit that got no more tickets 1977 for the world Tour. The film reached number seven of the most successful films of the year.
In Stockholm, the new studio is finished, the most advanced in the world.
1979 on Tour again: At the concert in New York, ABBA sings "Chiquitita", then the single currently.
After a huge success of "Voulez-Vous" start the second big ABBA-world tour in Canada and America and Europe. In March 1980, ABBA went to Japan to continue the tour of last year. "Gracias Por La Musica" appears. After that, Agnetha and Frida sing many popular ABBA hits in Spanish. "The Winner Takes It All" comes straight to number 1, then "Super Trouper".
In 1983, the first CDs are offered. "The Visitors" is the first ABBA CD. In Sweden, ABBA stamp was sold. In France, the musical Abbacadabra is played, a fairy tale with French texts on popular ABBA hits.

4. The End of ABBA
In 1986 was the last TV appearance together. The couple separated. Agnetha and Anni- Frid sang their own solo songs. Benny and Björn had together their own successful musical.

4.1. ABBA today
Abba is never forgotten. "Mamma Mia!" And other hits released on CD and come again on No. 1 on the charts. 2000 mimic many groups through Europe ABBA.
A new ABBA stamp released in March in Sweden. It shows a picture of the Grand Prix Euro vision. The musical "Mamma Mia" was founded. The world premiere was on 6. April 1999.Frida, Benny and Bjorn are in the process. The musical will be performed in 13 countries and 23 cities.
ABBA gets an offer of one billion U.S. dollars for a reunion - the highest offer, which has received an artist ever. ABBA says no.
The exhibition "ABBAWORLD" is founded in 2009.
And even today, almost 30 years after its end, the group sold worldwide every day still over 3000 recordings.

5. Their success
Until 1982 ABBA sold over 180 million records and is after the Beatles the most successful group in the history of music. In the 10 years of his existence, ABBA had nine number one hits to in Britain and Germany, but almost the most other songs was in the top 10.

6. The greatest Hits
ABBA has about 115 songs. Exactly we can not say that because many of their songs were just in individual countries or even been not officially published. The biggest successes were "Mamma Mia", "Waterloo", "The Winner Takes It All", "SOS", and "Dancing Queen".

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