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A streetcar named Desire Scene 10 - Referat

The analysed scene of the movie “A streetcar named Desire” produced by stage director Elia Kazan in year 1951, takes place at the Kowalski’s house.
While Stanley is in the bathroom, Blanche calls the Western Union as she needs help. However, she needs to break off the call because Stanley enters the room.
Since she does not want to be left alone with Stanley over the night she tries to leave the house but Stanley blocks the door and refuses Blanche.
She then tries to flee through the window shouting at Stanley to stay away from here. Because he ignores her pleas she breaks a bottle and tries to threaten Stanley with the remains of the broken bottle. In the following fight Stanley nocks her out on the mirror.


In order to analyse the scene I am going to characterize Blanche and Stanley and also explore the usage of cinematic devices.
At the beginning Blanche, dressed aristocratically with a long scarf and lots of jewels, kneels in front of the telephone. The eye-level shot allowes the viewer a personal communication with the actor.
You can see Blanche is scared and nervous as her eyes are wide opened and targeted at the ceiling. She probably begs God for help.
As Stanley comes out of the bathroom dressed in an artless pyjama Blanche is frightened and after a short hesitation she gets up and goes behind a desk. She avoids eye contact to Stanley and tries to stay away from him. The medium shot illustrates her behavior as the viewer can see how she tries to keep distance to Stanley. Furthermore the medium shot indicates the difference between Blanche and Stanley because Blanche is well-dressed as opposed to Stanley with his pyjama.
Besides when Stanley enters the living room the music of the “Blue piano” is played. This music is a symbol for the life in New Orleans and stands for Stanley. So the viewer comes to know that the following scene will be dominated by Stanley’s character.
After Stanley has noticed that Blanche did not ring off the phone he does it and then he goes to the door. Blanche tells him confidently to go behind the desk so
that she can pass him. Instead of doing this Stanley pushes with his foot a chair so that there is enough space for Blanche. This behavior makes clear that Blanche is nobody for him and that he does not want let her leave the house.
Blanche replies that she has to go out somehow but her voice and her look towards the ground show her weakness towards Stanley.
The over-shoulder shot gives the viewer the chance to see Blanche’s facial expressions aus der Sicht von Stanley. You can see how frightened and scared she is while he speaks to her.
When Stanley says: “Maybe you wouldn’t be bad to- interfere with…” she moves backward into the bedroom to the window. While Stanley comes slowly up to Blanche an over-shoulder shot is used to show Stanley’s superiority as he is tall and muscular.

When she tells him she will defend herself with the broken bottle, it does not come out very confidently (it does not sound very confident). Her voice is not very loud and her appearance compared to Stanley not self-confident.
The broken mirror symbolises Blanche’s life: broken, too.

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