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A perfect day in London - Referat

Let me present to you:  A PERFECT DAY IN LONDON...
But first, may I introduce to you: Jenny!
She will help me a little bit.
I used some words that you might not understand yet. So have a look at these words and repeat please:
-sightseeing tour
-famous brands
May I present to you: A PERFECT DAY IN LONDON
And now, I will tell you a story of a girl, who won a perfect day in London.
So just relax.  I hope you will learn something about the capital of England – London.
"Oh no!!  Where am I ?!  This does not look like home to me!"
This is what Tabea was thinking as she woke up in the morning and looked around herself 
(picture of her hotel suite)
"Yes..., I know, I´m in London, in my hotel suite. I have won a weekend here.
It looks very expensive.     ...Wow, I have never seen anything more glamerous than this !
My buttler told me: "You are at the Claridge´s, one of the world´s finest luxury hotels. At the moment the royal family is staying here at the Claridge´s, and [the pop group] 'Take That' too.
Oh... that´s great!
But what will I do later? 
What do you do on a perfect day? – I´ll ask my buttler.
After taking a bath, she went to the main entrance, where she saw Queen Elizabeth.
“Hello, I´m Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor— but you can call me Queen.”
“Thank you Queen, my name is Tabea."
 Queen, have you got an idea, what I can do today -- I want to have a perfect day.”
“Oh, go shopping to Bond Street”
“What´s that — a hospital ?”
“You´re funny.  No, it´s a long street, where you can go shopping.
 There, you will find the most expensive and elegant shops in London,
 designer clothing such as Armani and Gucci.
“Thank you very much."
“But of course, if I want to have a perfect day, I must go to (the) Buckingham palace.
 In the afternoon, I will visit Buckingham palace.  Maybe, we can drink tea together." 
I think it´s a great idea !”
“Yes why not ?”  [Sure, why not?]
“Thank you !”
“You´re welcome!”
After that, Tabea went to London city [downtown London] and looked for Bond Street.
Where am I ?    (Blick auf den Stadtplan)
Ah there! At the Bond Street.
But what´s that? “Bond Street Map” ?!
(liest vor :)
Welcome to Bond Street. You´re in new Bond Street now.
As one of the world´s most exclusive shopping destinations,
Bond Street opens the door to a world of famous brands, designer fashion, art and more.
Visit shops such as Chanel, Armani ,Gucci and  Dolce & Gabbana.
(Ende Vorlesung)
I´m in old Bond Street – where is new Bond Street?
New Bond Street is just a few minute's walk from Bond Street Station,
- Ah there!
But now, it´s time to go to (the) Buckingham palace; the Queen is waiting for me.
Maybe, I can look for a bus, which would take me to Buckingham palace.
I want to take a sightseeing tour.
Let´s see...

A few minutes later...
“Hello and welcome to our nice bus tour (about and) around London.
My name is Bert, but you can also call me Berty.
I hope we have a lot of fun together .
Today we go along there,
then, we look to the right here, we go along the Thames up to (the) Tower Bridge and at the end, we go to (the) Buckingham palace.
But now have a look to the right – what do you see? (Big Ben OHP)
You see (the) Big Ben. Most people think that you see (the) Big Ben here,
however (the) Big Ben is only the big bell (OHP).
That (alles außer der Glocke -everything except the bell) is only a normal church,
a 150-year-old church, it isn´t (the) Big Ben.
It isn´t very important, most people call the whole tower “Big Ben”.
More important is that (the) Big Ben and (the) Victoria Tower are parts of the Houses of Parliament - look (OHP).
And what´s that ? ( Tower Bridge OHP; Zeit zum Antworten geben )
You can see (the) Tower Bridge over there, standing in the water.
That water, by the way, is called the River Thames.
By the way, what is the water called?
If you visit the Tower by car or bus, you might even get to go across it.
I like to watch when a really big ship goes by, because all the traffic stops, and the two parts of the bridge open up to let the ship go through.”
The little group of tourists and Tabea went across the Tower Bridge and spent a lot of time there, while enjoying the beautiful panorama.
Later in (the) Buckingham palace...
“Your Majesty.”
“No, Queen, call me Queen.
 Tabea, tell me a little bit about your day,  
 was it a perfect day, today ?”
“Oh, thank you Queen it was fantastic.
 But,.... one day in London..., that´s very short... it´s like water in the sun, isn't it ?  I wasn´t able to see  all sights.”
“Yes, that´s right.
 If you will come to London again, you must visit the Winsdor Castle.
 I live there in the summer, then we can talk about Charles and Camilla.
 You  haven´t seen Camilla yet, but she looks like a horse.”
The Queen and Tabea talked for hours and they often laughed about Camilla,
but also about Prinz William's new girlfriend.
In the evening, Tabea was back in the Hotel again walked along the corridor.
“Yes, in the morning, I was surprised about the glamourous hotel and my suite.
 I have never seen more luxury things, than that.
 And of course the Big Ben, I know now, that the Big Ben isn´t the tower, no,  
it´s the big bell.
 (The) Buckingham palace, is big...it has more rooms than I was able to count.
 But who´s that ?!”
“Hello, I´m Gary Barlow from (the pop group) 'Take That'.
 Would you like to have a drink with me? 
“.....Yes,....why not ? “
And before Gary Barlow brought Tabea to her bed, she said:
“It was really a perfekt day in London!”
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