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A mothers gift - Referat

A Mother’s gift - Britney & Lynne Spears

Main characters:

Holly Faye Lovell
She is a fourteen year old girl, living in the small village Biscay in Mississippi which is free of any pain or worry.
The girl lives with her mother in a small house and she has a boyfriend called Tyler.
She loves to sing and she sings very, very good.
Every Friday she watches with her mother and their friends the ‘Haverty Talent Show’ and she dreams to be a student of Harverty.
The girl is a bit shy and she lovers her mother like she loves nothing else in the world.

Wanda Lovell
She is a dressmaker and has little dressmaker’s shop in her house, which is the only one in the village.
She makes all the clothes for herself and for Holly.
Everybody in Biscay loves Wanda.
On her right cheek she has a very big mole which Holly finds awful.
But she doesn’t earn a lot of money so she and her daughter live very purely

Tyler Norwood
He is Holly’s boyfriend. He works at his dads shop as a mechanic and he is very good in preparing cars.

She is a crazy girl and later in the book she gets Holly’ room-mate. Her parents are very rich and so she always wears designer clothes and gets a lot of things.

The author’s:

Britney Spears
She is born on the 2nd December 1981 in Kentwood, Louisiana.
Her parents names are Jamie and Lynne Spears, her older brother is called Bryan and her sister is called Jamie Lynne Spears.
At the age of 8 she sang and performed in the Mickey Mouse Club with about 20 other kids.
When she was a teenager she has many number one hits like: Oops I did it again, Stronger, Not a girl, Born to make you happy, ….
She wrote 8 books.
The book “A Mother’s gift” she wrote with her mother to spend more time with her.

Lynne Spears
She has 2 daughters (Britney and Jamie Lynne) and a son (Bryan).
In 1978 she married her husband Jamie and they are living in New York.

Ines Rödleithner

Now to the story:

Fourteen year old Holly has a dream: She wants to sing on TV at the Friday Night ‘Haverty Talent Show’ which she watches every week together with her mother Wanda and her mothers friends Juanita
Weaver and Ruby Simmons.
They all love to hear the young talents sing which are always the best students of the Haverty Collage.
One day, the famous Haverty Collage does a casting show for young talents and Holly is one of the thousand candidates. The only take tree girls ore boys and Holly sang so well, that the jury chooses her, she was the youngest student in Haverty ever.
She also gets a huge scholarship, otherwise she couldn’t go to this college because the small family wouldn’t be able to afford the money for this school.
Holly has to live in the school because it is far away from her hometown. She gets a room which she has to share with the crazy, rich girl Lydia, everybody calls her Ditz.
But after a while they get good friends and they always study together.
On one weekend, when Holly was at home, her mother Wanda tells her a truth story.
Wanda isn’t Hollys real mum, she was the woman who rescued her from a big fire which was in the house where Holly lived with her real parents. She was a little baby when the fire burned out and her parents died because of the fire.
That’s why Wanda has the big mole on her cheek.
From this time on, Holly was very proud of her mum and of her mole.
At the end of the story, Holly is allowed to sing at a “Mother day special” on TV.

The book tells, that the Love is in the whole world the language of the hearts, that people are how they are, with their hopes, their dreams, and their belief in love.

"Oh Holly, you're so much better than all these singers," sighed Wanda.
"Oh gee," said Holly, looking across at her mom, who would have been the prettiest woman in Biscay were it not for the disfiguring birthmark on her face. "How could an honest but poor Mississippi girl ever go to Haverty, the most expensive performing arts school in the South?"

I read this book because I wanted to know what a book is like when Britney Spears wrote it, and I think that she maybe is a better pop star than a author, but the story of the book was very nice.
I also liked the plot of the book. And it is written very lovely.

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