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A journey to Scotland/Schottland - Referat

A journey to Scotland

Let’s start a little journey to an island in the north of the Atlantic Ocean.
The instrument which you can hear in this song is typical for the country.
Does somebody know the name of the instrument ?
Do you know which country I mean ?
(Bagpipe ,Scotland) The Countryside is mainly made out of mountains and lakes . It’s mild in the winter , the summers are fresh and it rains much the whole year.
The best time to travel is between May and June because in this time it’s not so wet and there aren’t so many flies.
We need raincoats , good shoes and many chewing gums against the travel illness.
In Rottenburg we start with the Bus at 5 o’ clock in the morning.
The journey goes over Stuttgart ,Ludwigsburg, Karlsruhe , across the Rhein and through the North of France to Calais.
We drive with the ferry to Dover travel through England to Coventry .
There we stay in a youth hostel or in a hotel.
At the next morning at 8 o’clock we go to the capital of Scotland and we arrive there at 14.30.
Do you know the name of the capital ?
-Yes , It’s Edinburgh , the heart of Scotland.
The second largest city of Scotland have ca. 430000 people .
We can relax in the areas which are called “Old Town” and “New Town” and in one of the many cafes or pubs in the afternoon.
Two hours before midnight we make ghost tour through the old town. There we can learn something about myths and legends in the city .
Do you know which story Johan K. Rowling wrote in one of the cafes ?
It was the story of Harry Potter.
After a night which was hopefully not so scary ,we visit The Edinburgh castle.
Here we can see the Scottish Crown Jewels and have a look in the Scottish history.
The view on the old part of the city is beautiful.
From there goes the most famous street , the Royal Mile down to the Old Town.
Many old houses , stores and pubs invite to stay there.
The street ends with the Palace of Hollyrood House.
It was the home of the Queen Maria Stuart.
And one of the most beautiful places in Edinburgh is the Hollyrood Park which is next to the palace.
The highest point of the park is 833 meters high and it is called Arthur’s Seat.
It’s the top of Edinburgh’s volcano.
When you aren’t tired you can go to the Royal Botanic Garden and see plants from all over the world.
At the next morning we will visit the Scottish National Museum with 7 floors and there we will dive in the Scottish history.
At last we climb the Sir Walter Scott Monument a 61 meter high tower.
There we enjoy the last time the view on this wonderful city which was 1995 designated to the World Heritage Site.
Our Bus takes us along the wild West Coast with their many cliffs.
We pass many Fishing villages and arrive at Aberdeen after 4 hours driving.
When we are at our quarter, we can visit the beautiful harbour of Aberdeen and perhaps we can taste the national dish of Scotland – Haggis.
Haggis are cooked sheep stomachs filled with innards and rolled oats.
The meal is completed with mashed potatoes, turnips, butter and a lot of black pepper.
And with the national drink, who knows it?
Yes, it’s Whiskey and the old Scotsman say: “With it smells very good”.
But I think ,persons who say that , are drunken .
The next morning, at the 6. day, the trip goes on through the Highlands.
In the Highlands are more than twenty protected areas. Here is the home of the
Highland cows, stone eagles, otters and the Scottish wildcat.
And in the rivers we can find the famous Scottish salmons.
There we can make a walk in the Highlands. The wind blows over the hills and when we imagine, we stay back in the 12. century, then we will remember to a great Scottish fighter for freedom. His life was filmed and the film got 5 Oscars.
Who know the name of the fighter and the film?
It was William Wallace and the title of the film was Braveheart. Here we can see a picture about it. The actor was Mel Gibson.
By bus we drive to Inverness, the greatest town of the Highlands.
Here we want to stay for two days. The next morning we go to the Moray Firth and watch the dolphins.
After this adventure, we came back to the town and visit Inverness Castle which is from the 19 century.
In the afternoon our bus takes us to the most famous lake of Scotland.
The mysterious water is very deep, dark, ice cold and 37 km long. The legend tells, that a terrible monster lives in the lake .
What is the name of the lake and his creature?
Yes you’re right. It is Nessie in Loch Ness. Perhaps we can see it, when we make a boat-tour on the lake.
In the evening we go back to Inverness. In the time from the 3. to the 11. June 2005 here ‘s the Highland Festival with music, theatre, dances and art.
In the night we stay in the town and At the next day , we continue our journey to the greatest and most beautiful isle of Scotland. A bridge connect the isle with the land.
Who knows the name of the Isle?
It’s the Isle of Skye also called the Isle of the fog.
Here we want to make a boat trip to watch wale, dolphins and seals.

The isle is perfect for walking, because the coast is diversified with cliffs and long sandy beaches. Inside the isle there are wild moor areas, high mountains and valleys with much forest. If you like , you can go mountain biking , ride a horse or go kayaking.
After two exciting days we’ll go on to our last station. It’s the biggest city of Scotland.
Do you know the name of it ?
Well, it’s Glasgow.
Here we arrive late in the evening.
The next morning, the 11. day, we want to make a sight-seeing tour. The town has many old buildings from the Victorian time and a lot of new fantastic buildings. After that, everyone can go shopping or enjoy the city.
And by the way, in the time from the 10. to 26. June 2005 is in Glasgow the West End Festival, the Top Event of Culture.
The next day we want to drive to the greatest lake of Great Britain.
Who knows it?
It’s Loch Lomond.
When the weather is fine, we can swim in the lake, rowing a boat, or relax at the beach, before we go back to our quarter. The next morning we are ready to go back to Germany. During we hear the song of Loch Lomond, we remember to our holidays in this beautiful country.
In Dover we want to spend the last night, before we go back with the ferry to France. We arrive at Rottenburg at 7 o’clock in the evening.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope, our little trip was interesting and with this Scottish speciality you can taste a part of Scotland.

Oh sorry I have forgot the most important thing , the price of this journey is not Scottish. The price is between 1000 and 1500 €.

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