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A few days in America - Referat

A few day´s in America!
(bilder fehlen)
It was saturday afternoon. Me and my boyfriend were talking about our trip to America.
The first thing what we saw was the big Airport. The John F. Kennedy International Airport. Everything was fast, the people were running . We thougt that our home is really more relaxt. If the people were in Germany, they would go crazy, because they have to go slowly. Germans were very slowly compared with the Americans. And everything was so big in America! That is the pure insanity!After that we went to Boston and met my friend Hugh. He showed us his hometown. We made a few pictures. This is a picture out of the window from his second flat.

At the next morning we traveled to Denver over Syracuse, Tolede, Chicago, Des Moines.
That was really intresting. We needed three day´s!

We made a party in a big dance-club. Later we slept in a small hotel.On the fith day we drived to Oklahoma City. We saw there the Oklahoma Tepmle.That was nice!
We saw a lot of a wonderful landscape we were verry surprised!

A few day´s later we traveld by hitchhikers from there ;
over Dallas
, (that was so big!)
Mexico City
, (everywhere were moskitos ahhhh!!!)
, (that was wonderful!Me and my boyfriend
relaxed outside and slept there!)

, back to the J.F.Kennedy Airport.We flew from there to Manhattan.But everything what we saw was the

Central Park
(I wanted to tell you some things about the central park!
The philosophy the original idea came from the Andrew Jackson Downing. He had the order to make a place to relax. He has established the huge park and now you can go walking,riding, rudders, baseball or Cricket playing there are many playgrounds for the childrenan and a big lake too.)

The fifth Avenue

(The Fifth Avenue in Manhattan,is one of the most famous roads of the world. It leads by the heart of Midtown Manhattan as well as along the eastern side of the Central Park and is a symbol for the rich New York.)


The Empire State Building
(The Empire State Building was opened on 1 May 1931 by President Hoover solemnly and officially. When symbol of the city admits New York town center in the whole world, the Empire State Building was until 1977 the highest building of the world - then the World trade center was built and earned themselves the title.)

And last but not least the Broadway
(Broadway is simultaneous a main and a shopping street in New Yorkers borough the Manhattan and the oldest and north south crossing of the island longest with more than 30 km length. This road still originates to parts from an old Indian path, which the first Dutch settlers took over and developed to a road. Broadway begins (or it ends - ever after from which side one sees it) at the bowling Green, close of the south point Manhattans and continues to lead crosswise by the island to northern most point, where it crosses the Harlem river by means of Broadway Bridge, by the Bronx and the circle Westchester, along the Hudson of river, until it becomes finally to "new York Albany the post office road" and until New York leads Albany, the capital of the state.)
I can`t made more pictures , my camera was completly destroyed!So i can`t show you more pictures . Maybe later.I `m looking for a new one. So After that exiting day in the exiting Manhattan. I had to fly right to the Bronx.I want to tell you about the things we saw in the borough Bronx.W saw a lot of criminal walls with sprayed pictures on it and destroyed phone booths. At 20:00 h outside were no body.
Sometimes you could thought that somebody wanted to shot you! It was sometimes really dangerous .Every night we heard the police. I was scared and flew on the next day to Brooklin!

I bought me a new camera and shot some pictures!
We made a picnic in a bic botanic garden that was wonderful!Here a picture we sat on the small island but than cames an custodian and we had to go away from the nice place.But we had a nice day and a good lunch too ! So let`s checked out what brooklyn offered us!

We went over the brooklyn bridge to brooklyn. At first we went to the prospect Park Zoo.

There were a lot of different animals.That was nice. After that we went to the New York Aquarium.I was very intrested. But then i wanted to sleep because that noise of water made me tired so tired .~gähn~

I had planed a trip to staten island to but the credit card from my father was .......yeah how could i say was......lost?! Ahhh ! So i flew right back home . My father searched after his credit card and this since the long time i went away!Good that he didn`t knew that i had it!Hehe!

But now, he knows it!!!!!

I will never steal daddy`s credid-card again! I swear!!!!

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