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A discussion on the Aviation Industry - Referat

In today's society, it is popular to choose a cheap flight to another country, instead of taking a vacation in one's own country. Often, the flights become cheaper than a ticket for local transport, such as a metro ticket across town. In this discussion, I will answer questions about the importance of aviation and its impact on climate change.
The advertisement of SPURT Aviation, which appeared in the high-brow Observer, a British Sunday newspaper states that we "...should be grateful to live close to an airport...", leading toward the conclusion that our mobility is increased. For enjoying a vacation overseas, this makes sense, but it does not help with increasing our local mobility. We, as a community, have the wish to increase our local mobility and not having to rely on a car only. This means that one should perhaps think about investing in local trains, rather than the aviation industry.

Many people also fly from one city to another, to take part in a meeting. Nowadays, most of us have a good internet connection, which means that we do not need to stress about flying to business meetings, but can rather take part in a call via Skype or Zoom. This, one has also practised during the pandemic, where it was completely natural to attend a meeting via Zoom, during quarantine.

The article also states that we should fly more to "...take a stand for decent hard-working shareholders...". This is a weird request, as shareholders mostly do not work very hard, as they have managers to work for the company that they own. We should instead take a stand for our environment, as the fuel needed for aeroplanes is produced by burning our limited resources and fossil fuels. This means that we destroy forests to produce fuel.

SPURT claims that: "...man...proved his dominance over nature..." and therefore should not think about "...damn climate change...", when planning our next trip for example. It is very important for us to think about climate change though, as it will bring problems and influence the life that we and our future generations will have. The gas and fumes released through aviation have a big role in generating our greenhouse gases. This means that a blanket of gas covers our atmosphere, causing heat to stay on our planet instead of moving outward. This causes flooding and droughts, leading to home or habitat loss and humans dying every day.

Flights may seem important to us at the moment, but we have to rethink our choices and think about the consequences that will be forced upon us in the future. We should make ourselves aware of the situation and should find more great possibilities to lower our flying activity.

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