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A Walk to Remember - Referat

Book Review: A Walk to Remember

The title of the book is ‘A Walk to Remember’.
At first I will tell you some information about the author and after that about the story.
The authors name is Nicholas Sparks; he published the book in 1999. It has got 240 pages. He is one of the world´s most beloved storytellers. Nicholas Sparks mainly writes love stories, e.g.: Message in a Bottle, Dear John etc. These books and ‘A Walk to Remember’ have also been filmed.

Now I will give you a summary of the story:
The love story ‘A Walk to Remember’ is a very tragic one. It plays in the year 1958, in Beaufort, North Carolina.
The two main characters are Landon and Jamie.

Landon Carter is a normal student with normal friends and a quiet normal life. He is in his last year at Beaufort High. As in any small town there are some people which are a bit different from the others. Jamie Sullivan`s family belong to this group. Jamie is the daughter of Hegbert Sullivan, who is a Baptist minister in Beaufort. Her mother died at her birth. Because of this her father was very strict in his education. As her father, Jamie is very religious which seem to be a bit strange for her classmates, also for Landon.
At the beginning of the book, Landon is looking for a partner for the school ball and Jamie is the only girl without one. So he decides to ask her and take her to the ball. Before that Landon has never talked a lot with Jamie he doesn’t find her attractive, he rather finds her weird. But after the school ball he got to know Jamie better. Thenceforth a strong friendship develops between them slowly. She is the one who shows him the depths of the human heart he never had before. Landon changed by Jamie and finally he falls in Love with her. The young love seems to be perfect but Jamie has a terrible secret that will change their lives forever.

In my opinion is ‘A Walk to Remember’ a really impressive book, because of its tragic story it’s fascinating and interesting to read. Maybe it’s also because girls generally like love stories. On the one hand the book’s story is poignant and sad but on the other hand it’s a very intensive demonstration of real love.
I would give the book * * * * * out of * * * * * possible.

I hope my short review gave you a good impression of the book and you want to read it now, to learn Jamie’s Secret.

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