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1984 Book report - Referat

Book report 1984
Book by Goerge Orwell, written in 1948

The main character is Winston Smith. He works in the Ministry of Truth. He lives in a time, when there is a war between Oceania, Eurasia and Est Asia. Eurasia and East Asia fight together agaist Oceania. In Oceania rules the Party.
The Party is the government. The Party has a lot of Spies.But there are not only Spies, there are also microphones and telescreens. A telescreen is like a televison set, where the government shows a lot of propaganda. But this telescreen are aslo able to watch the people, to watch you!
Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, where he rewrites the past. He writes new newspaper articles. He works in the Records Department, which is the biggest department of the Minsitry of Truth. Nobody is allowed to do anything agaisnt the Party. If you work against the Party you will be tortured.

One day he meets a girl named Julia. First the thought she is a Spy. But then she gave him a small letter with the words “I love you”. They met in a small wood outside of London, wwith no telescreens around. Now Winston and Julia fell in love. Julia is agaisnt the Party too. One day, O’Brian, a coleague of Winston, told him about the “Brotherhood. This is a organisation which works agianst the Party. But noboey knows about this organisation. Maybe it does not even exist. Winston told Julia about O’Brian. She said, that she wanted to meet him. They went together to see him. O’Brian is able to shut off the telescreen, because he s a member of the Inner Party. O’Brian said, that he is a member of the “Brotherhood” organisation. Winston and Julia believed. Him. They told him everything and how they hated the Party. Only a few minutes later they were arrested by the Thought Police.. Winston was brutaly tortured. The people who tortured him wanted to make him believe that the Party is good.

After the torture he didn’t love Julia any more. The same had happened to her. They were not in love any more. Winston saw pictures aabout the war on telescreen and said. “I love Big Brother”. He was very confused.

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