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11. September 2001 - 2.Version - Referat

11th September 2001
the destruction of the twin towers

Table of Contents
1. The twin towers before their destruction
2. Attacks
2.1. course
2.2. victim
3. consequences
4. conspiracy theories
5. information sources

1. The twin towers before their destruction
-the world trade center consisted of 7 buildings
-110 floors
-99 lifts
-417 meters (north tower) and 415 meters (South Tower)
-Offices, observation platform, restaurants
-Construction cost: 280 million U.S. Dollars
-Construction period: 1966-1973

2.1 course

-8:15 clock terrorists kidnapped the plane
-8:46 clock flew the first plane into the North Tower
-8:46 clock the second plane kidnapped
-9:03 clock it flew into the South Tower
-a third kidnapped plane caused a large fire at the pentagon
-In the fourth plane, the passengers were able to overpower the kidnappers
-The plane crashed at 10:03 clock
-South Tower collapsed at 9:59 clock, the north tower at 10:28 a clock

2.2. victim

-About 3000 deaths
-147 passengers, ten kidnappers of the two aircraft
-200 people fell from the towers, 2,123 people died from the ruins, including 411 workers (343 firefighters, 60 police officers and 8 paramedics)
-189 people died at the Pentagon, 64 passengers , five kidnapper
-44 passengers in Shanksville, including nine minors
-372 deaths were foreigners
-Over 6000 injured persons

3. consequences

-large, nationally televised memorial service
-hundreds of Muslims, Arabs, in the United States insulted, attacked, threatened and murdered some
-Committed arson attacks on Islamic institutions
-U.S. President Bush called for tolerance towards Muslim U.S. Persons
-harder deal with terror suspects

4. conspiracy theories

-many conspiracy theories
-the U.S. government and / or their secret services knowingly allowed the attacks / performed
-a controlled demolition
-9/11 Truth Movements demand since 2005, a new study

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