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'pop' - Gordon Korman - Referat

Book review “pop”

Honestly I don’t read a lot. I don’t know why I am not as addicted to books like other people, maybe a lot of them just don’t catch my interest. That’s why I also didn’t know any authors or books when we went to the library a couple of weeks ago. One thing I am interested for sure are sports, especially football. So when I walked trough the library I looked for a football book and even if ‘’pop’’ looked like an old book, it caught my attention and I liked the description right away. So I choose it, which was a good decision.
The story deals with a boy called Marcus, who moves to a different town, together with her mom. His parents are divorced, so Magnus and his mom live on their own.

He loves to play football and also was the star Quarterback of his old high school, before he moved. In the holidays he goes to a park close the football field of his new high school. He doesn’t have any friends yet, since the school hasn’t started and he is all new. After a while of throwing some passes and running drills by his own, a man in his forties arrives at the stadium. They talk a little bit and begin to play. Marcus wonders why Charlie –which is the man’s name- doesn’t have to work, but even if he is a little crazy, they become friends. Charlie often acts like a little kid, running around, doing pranks and so on. A short example; after some passes, Charlie throws the football into a car window, which breaks. Instead of being calm like every adult would, he runs away.

When the school stats, Marcus tries out for the football team, which was 11-0 last season. Even if no one really likes him, he makes the team and gets to know his “enemy” Josh. The starting quarterback, who is also the son of Charlie, doesn’t like him at all. After he found out, that Marcus is playing with his father nearly ever day, he gets very mad. His on-off girlfriend Riley –the head cheerleader- likes Marcus a lot though, which makes the two guys hate each other even more.

Ne day after a goof practice with Charlie, he wonders who that gut really is. He doesn’t have to wok at all, he acts like a kid and no one likes seeing them play. After a little research on the internet, Marcus finds out, that the man he played with every day, is no one else but the former NFL-linebacker, Charlie Popovich, also known as “the king of pop”, because of his great hits. After he found out these amazing news, he is really proud to have such a popular friend and talks a lot about him. He never understands why everyone in the town reacts so strange when he brings
up the topic Charlie. One day at downtown, he meets Charlie, when a women walks up to him, screams angry at him and pulls Charlie away.

Later he talks to Riley, who tells him that Charlie never wanted to be the way he acts. Because of the lot concussions he had in his NFL career his brain is damaged and it destroyed him from the inside out.

Marcus slowly understands everything, the way Charlie acts, why no one likes to talk about how funny Charlie is and why Josh, the Quarterback doesn’t like it, when they play in the park.

When Charlie gets invited to hold a speech at a Raiders-game, which is the team of Marcus’ new high school, everyone is surprised how well Charlie can talk. It seems like he is completely okay and nothing ever happened to him.

A few weeks after, Charlie passes away. Of course everyone is shocked and really sad, but the event also brings a god thing with it. When Marcus gets hit into the head in a play-off game, he wants to finish what he practices for so hard. Suddenly the former Quarterback, Josh comes in and tells Marcus e will finish the last plays for him. Marcus get’s angry in the beginning, but when Josh tells him that he doesn’t want Marcus to end like his father Charlie, Marcus realizes that Josh cares and the two boys become friends.

I liked the book a lot, not even because of the well-descripted sports scenes, but also because the message, that friendship is stronger than any competition. Gordon Korman has a great writing-style and makes the reader feel like he s a part of the story. I can se why he became #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and I would like t read another book, he wrote.

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