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"The Dabger of Lying in Bed" by Mark Twain - Referat

The story "Tha Danger of Lying in Bed" adapted from Mark Twain is about a person who likes to travel,but is afraid of having an accident;so he wants to buy anaccident ticketand get some money if something will happen to him.

Although he spends a lot of money for this ticket,he never gets any money,because he has no accident.
The man begins to wonder and find out that nobody who pays money for an accident ticket has an accident or gets money.He stops buying the tickets and starts asking for information which says that the biggest danger to have an accident is in staying at home.The number of people who have an accident at home is greater than the group of people who have a railway accident.
The man is afraid of this fact and promiseī himself never to sleep in a bed again.

The end of the story is humorous,because the man thinks itīs dangerous to sleep in a bed,because more accidents happen happen by staying at home.
But this information means accidents like fire or murder.And itīs unlogic if he lies in his bed heīll broke his legs,dies or something else will happen.
The fact that he always wants accident to get the money of the ticket is funny,too.Because in the end he is suddendly afraid of having one.
The title of the story matches with the text,too.
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