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"No tigers in Africa"-Norman Silver - Referat

When Selwyn Lewis,who is 15 years old,emigrates from South Africa to England he hopes to escape his guilty past but his rigid South African attitudes prevent him from settling or making friends.His parents are too busy with their own problems to realize that Selly is in a crisis.Not until his girlfriend helps him to face his guilt about his past, does Selly come to grips with his inhritance of apartheid.
On the one hand Selly is guilty of killing Philemon Majodena.Firstly he called his father in the warehouse even though he knew the boy was harmless.Secondly,he saw that the boy had no weapons or was a danger to anybody.
On the other hand Selly is not guilty of killing Philemon.Firstly Selly`s father is the one who shot Philemon Majodena and not Selly. Secondly Selly`s father is an adult and shuold know how to tell a dangerous person apart from a harmless one. He saw that Philemon was harmless but he did not care because he only saw the colour of Philemon`s skin.
Summing up all the facts I come to the conclusion that Selly is innocent and his father is the guilty one.
At the end of the book Selly watches a calf being born.The birth fits in at the end of the book because Serlly feels that something natural, infinite and new has been born in him. Now he is ready to leave his past behind him, which includes racism and rigid behaviour.
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