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"Love is..." by Adrian Henri - Referat

The poem "Love is..." by Adrian Henri is about the definition of love by which the poet uses a syntatic parallelism.

It consits of 5 verses,each with 4 lines which rhyme.
The poet uses very daily images to rewrite "love" more and make his doposition to the readers undertood.
For examle,in the second verse in line 5 he says that love is "fish and chips on winter nights" by which Henri makes a fool of the meaning.But perhaps someone can identify with this situation with what ist has a special meaning for eachone.
This fact you can find out in each line,because all the metaphors are easy to understand passages with a melancholy meaning.Through the syntactic parallelism the statement will be confirmed.This reason showas you why the poet resignes of using similies,because he wants to convince his readers.

I like this poem,because on the one hand it is humorous and on the other hand it makes someone think of the meaning of love.No one can definite love,because it has has different meanings for everyone.
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